Race to a million

by Jeff's D., Age 18 , Grade 1, Mason Middle School/ MMS, Mason, MICHIGAN USA
Teacher: Ms.Carlsen

One day long ago there was a game called fortroyale and two friends Dane and Colton really liked to play it. One day they were talking and said “I wish fortroyale was real we could respawn and build and have fun” and the friends they had an idea they could make the game reality and have a life full of fun so they went to work… While they were at work they were thinking about how they could do it. Dane thought about VR but it wasn't real enough. They thought and thought and did not know what to do. They called each other when they got home and thought. And then it came to them. They had a good job so they had a good amount of money. The next day they quit their job and went home and they worked on technology so advanced no one will ever do it again. They called it the fortroyale machine. It made you able to play fortroyale in real life. The game was not popular enough so the only challenger was each other. They had a lot of fun. They also liked a youtoober named pewdeesie and he lived in the same area as them pewdeesie the came by their house and then recorded their system. The game blew up and it was super popular.

One day not too far away from the good old days from fortroyale pewdeesie was in trouble he was being tested by a kid named Toilet-series and then he was done toilet-series was beating him by 13000 subs with all of his bots but pewdeesie was not going to give up he is going to beat him to 100,000,000 1st and he will then let him pass him but until then it is a fight to 100,000,000 and dane and colton are voting for the man pewdeesie and he will win! But until then it is just a waiting game to see what happens next with pewdeesie and toilet-series.

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