When someone tries to pull a prank

by Colton G., Age 12 , Grade 6, Mason Middle School/ MMS, Mason, MICHIGAN USA
Teacher: Ms.Carlsen

When someone tries to pull off a prank.

You might need to watch out for the sound of a yank.

When you hear the sound you might need to make a run for a plank.

And you will run over the plank to your buddy Frank.

And when you get there was a can that had been drank.

And then here comes the pranker and right behind him is my buddy Hank.

Hank comes to help pull a prank on the pranker who pulled the prank.

But the prank didn't work so my buddy hank gives the pranker a little shanker.

And then he gets up and starts beating us with a plank.

And then he gets up and starts beating us with a plank.

So then all of us try to make a run for the bank.

But then it was closed so we made the run for a ship but then it started to sink.

What will me hank and frank do, oh yeah we can hit this pranker with the crank.

Oh no you hit him so hard that he can't even tell us that he is blank.

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