jojo is a god

by jojo s., Age 15 , james, james , JAMES USA
Teacher: james

Jojo is one of my role models she was born May 19, 2003 and learned how to walk at the age of 9 and 1/2 and loved to dance she was on the show dance moms and she sucked at the show so she got kicked off the show. she started crying and people laughed at her when she got kicked off the show and she was then on known as the bad DANCE MOM!! Her mom didn't really care that she got kicked off the show she only screamed at the dance instructor for like 6 hours but she knew that she was going to be kicked off the show because she sucked really bad also nobody on the show liked her because she acted like a brat when she finally learned to dance I will tell you because she still doesn't know how to dance, and Jojo she was devastated cause she wet her pants. Jojo now has her own brand and she sells bows, nail polish, dolls, books, her music on cd's, and she sells stuffed animals of her dog. She knows she is scamming little kids because the things that she sells are worth nothing but her fans don't care because they dream of growing up and being a brat just like Jojo. Also, Jojo Siwa doesn't care of she is scamming her fans because she is fine with her fans growing up and being a brat that is fine. All they do is sit around the couch and eat crap while watching Jojo Siwa get screamed at by her mom.

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