Momma Bear

by Lidia C., Age 16 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruehlow

In her struggles, I see her strength.

She is always speaking up for the voiceless.

She is always kind, every day.

She always protects her three cubs from this big, scary world.

She is beautiful in her wisdom.


In her selflessness, she is an animal lover.

She pig-napped the tiniest, smartest and sweetest piglet.

She provided two lambs with a second chance to walk; the gift of a new life.  

She has continued to care for two ponies that are otherwise neglected.

Her love shows to every being, not just humans,


In her love, she inspires me.

She simply surprises me with sweet things like starting the truck on a bitterly cold morning.

She always manages to make me laugh, sometimes I don’t even understand how.

She wipes my tears with the tissues she brings.

She is my go-to, she is my person.


In her heart, she carries three cubs.

Erinn- the oldest cub.

Michael-the middle cub.

Lidia-the youngest cub.

Her cubs admire her as she protects them.


She is brave; she is my Momma Bear.

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