Tubing down the river

by makaylaa c., Age 16 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WI USA
Teacher: Mrs.Ruehlow

Start one place and end another

On our ride we listen to music


But that’s not a bother

Because it’s time for our family to en-joy


It’s like play time in kindergarten

The tube is the toy


 And the water makes us cool.

Most of the time tubing makes a great day


Except for when it goes this way...

We get to the end

Right before the bridge comes to a bend


We start to pull the tubes from the river

and head towards the van

eventually mom realizes

 that she does not have the keys to van

but it wasn’t a surprise


because she tried to keep them on her

tubing down the river for three hours

which wasn’t a smart idea

because she now lost them


and we weren’t about to go up stream

too bad this wasn’t a dream


because we had to take more than one trip

to the starting point to get everyone back

but luckily, we only live two miles from the river



Finally we were home,
and we
Ordered a key clone


so we could get our van



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