The Robot's Adventure

by Sally, Age 10 , Grade 4

One day, there was an adventurous robot at home eating his favourite food, plastic. When he was done eating, he felt very boring. He wanted to go on an adventure, so he thought and thought about where he could go. Suddenly, the TV announced:New planet discovered (isn't named yet). After hearing about it the robot decided to go there! So first he needed a rocket. Fortunately, there was an old rocket he left in the garage. He carried it out, oiled it, wiped it clean and made it work. He set it up outside in his backyard because he would go see the new planet next day. It was the next day and the robot was ready to travel. He put on his helmet, did the seat belt and 3, 2, 1, BOOM !!! The rocket disappeared into the sky with the robot inside, controlling it. 3 hours later... It was 5:30 pm and robot still got 6 more hours to travel. The robot was so so so tired that he fell asleep. 4 hours later... BOOM!!!!! "What is that?" asked the robot. There was a big squiggly thing which was green, and looked like slime. Hardly, the robot backed up the rocket, realizing that-"Ahhh!!!"he said-it really was a humongous piece of slime that was stuck in space! The robot was stuck there by a huge huge piece of slime! The robot was smart, and thought he could go around it(That is easy). But when robot looked for an end, he couldn't find it. The slime was endless!!! Fortunately, the robot was the smartest on land. He thought that he could let the rocket fly through the slime. He did it! The robot went through. He got so happy that the left 2 hours must be replaced with 1 minute! He drove there very quickly and happily. Robot finally arrived at the new planet. 3 aliens and 2 others (which robot doesn't know what) were playing together. Robot joined them and had a nice adventure.

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