Magical Fall

by Daniel S., Age 11 , Grade 6, Christ Chapel Academy, WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA UNITED STATES
Teacher: Mrs. Ashley Yarbrough

Gary had just moved to Flight, Florida. He was very different from all the other kids. No one liked him because he bullied others. Gary was big, strong, and smart. He often bragged about his characteristics. One day, his class took a field trip. It was a dark, cold Friday night when the class got on the plane to go skydiving. Gary loved being able to boast on his daredevil abilities. Little did Gary know that his life would change forever? Gary, for once, did not want to go first. He knew it was New Year's Eve. He wanted to be the first person to skydive in two years with one jump. All his other classmates went before him. At 111:59 pm Gary began his fall. At 12:01 am Gary landed his fall. He had landed somewhere, but he did not know where. Suddenly a dragon popped out of nowhere. Gary was in shock. He was so confused and scared. The dragon told him that he was in the L-I-F-E C-H-A-N-G-E R-O-O-M. The dragon then disappeared. Gary went to look for him. When Gary found him the dragon was dressed as a teacher. Then he was told to sit down. The dragon then became a bully. The dragon bullied Gary just as Gary had bullied others. Then Gary realized what the change what the change room was for. Gary became close friends with the dragon. The dragon continued to help him become a better person. Because of this friendship, the dragon learned Gary's back story. Gary told the dragon that he used to be a nerd. Nerds were outcasts at his old school. He was bullied a lot and he had no help. Over that summer he learned how to wrestle. He thought it would be good to get pay back on him. He had to move because of a family emergency. Gary would not let his wresting skills go to waste. With his skill he used to bully people. First, Gary learned about controlling his emotions. He learned that if he does not it can hurt people mentally and physically. He was reminded that it is okay to get angry just do not let your anger take control of his emotions. Later, Gary learned that it is okay to tell someone how you are feeling. If you need help do not be afraid to ask. It is okay not to know all the answers. After the class for the day, the dragon let me go explore this new world. In this new world I found a giant. The giant was very nice. He told me his name was Tom, and he invited me to dinner. His house was huge. I felt like an ant in it. Gary was very excited to have dinner with Tom. Gary ate chicken, corn, and mash potatoes. To drink he had root beer. After dinner Gary did not feel well he was dizzy and tired. Suddenly, Garry fainted. The giant was very happy and laughed his head off. Gary was in a cage when he regained conciseness. Gary was very scared. He did not know where he was or what had happened. The giant told him that he was in the cage because the giant was going to control his mind. Later that night, the dragon noticed that Gary had not come home. The dragon went off to look for him. The dragon went all through the town looking for Gary. He asked the unicorn, the vampire, and the werewolf. The dragon had no luck. As the dragon approached the giant's house he heard a faint yell for help. The dragon burned down the giant's door and followed the sound. He realized the sound was coming from behind a wall. The dragon then burned down the wall. Behind the wall, the dragon found the giant and Gary. The dragon tried to melt the cage, but it would not melt. Gary was trapped in the cage. The giant then captured the dragon in a cage, but this cage would melt. When the dragon escaped the fight began. The giant tried to smash the dragon with his giant size pots and pans. This did little damage. More damage was done to the pan than the dragon. Then, the dragon tried to use his tail as a wrecking ball. He swung it back and forth destroying everything in its path. The fight went on for much longer each trying to hurt the other. Then the dragon had an idea. It was a new idea no one would have thought of. He then fell unconscious when the giant hit him. Little did the dragon know the dragon might not be unconscious? The dragon then got up when the giant left. Luckily the giant dropped the keys of the cage. The dragon then opened the cage to release Gary. Gary then ran back to the dragon's house with the dragon. The house was different when Gary got back. There were streamers and balloons everywhere. As Gary walked in everyone screamed surprise. The whole city was there. The dragon then told him that it was a surprise party for him. He had passed the test. He had become a kind person. The whole community was in on the capture. The capture was used to see how well he could contain his anger. When Gary blew out the candles on the cake he was brought back to the real world. No time had passed in the real world it was as he just landed his sky dive. All his friends congratulated him on his accomplishment. Gary told this story no one believe him. They did see a change in his attitude though. Gary is now the luckiest person in the world because he went into a real fantasy land.

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