Should students wear school uniforms?

by Aditya R., Age 12 , Grade 7, Park West School, Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA CANADA
Teacher: Mrs. Macburnie

A lot of schools don't wear uniforms. Many people believe students shouldn't wear uniforms. I strongly disagree with the fact people think students shouldn't wear uniforms. I believe students should wear uniforms and here's why. My first reason is students should wear uniforms because if they don't they could get strayed. The school can track down the lost student by how the uniform looks like. If students get lost the school is responsible. The second reason why students should wear uniforms because in an exigency teachers can take them to safety. All students then can be secured and unharmed. Finally, students should wear uniforms because students become more disciplined and learn more. This also shows how students evaluate with themselves and how they work together. There then is more friendship and a pleasant and affectionate environment. This is why it is very dominant and significant to wear uniforms at school.

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