Toy Bowl

by Sam F., Age 14 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhardt


    When I woke up this morning I never knew I would go to sleep feeling like this, terrible. I learned that when you get knocked down you get up again, but in my case I stayed down too long and when I got back up again it was too late.

    Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock goes off and startles me. I get up like it's a normal Saturday. I walk down the stairs and see my mom making watching tv “Morning,” I say.

    She then says, “Get dressed for the game today, I know you’ll do well.”

    I say confused, “ What game?”

    She replies, “The Toy Bowl remember.”

    I then ran upstairs, got dressed and came right down.

    We got in the car and drove off. In the car I felt nervous and almost sick. I think about how much pressure is on my shoulders. The drive to the bus felt like forever. Finally we pulled up into a parking lot and I got out and got on to the bus. Half of the team was already on the bus. I sat down in the back and was silent the rest of the way to St. X. When we finally got there all of our parents were waiting and cheering us on. We then did weigh in and went to go warm up and stretch. I had a pretty good stretch and was ready to go. We then got ready to run out on the field. The announcer then called our names one by one. “Number 51 Sam Fischer”, the announcer said. I we sprinted gallantly onto the field with everyone else and we got ready to start the game.

    The game started out slow with no one being able to move the ball much. Then we got a couple first downs and a touchdown! I was so happy that our offense was able to get the lead and put the pressure off me and the defense. The next drive for St. Mary’s was a hard fought one. I play middle linebacker and make all the calls. Coach called tiger, C away, A, B. It was an all out blitz he was sending all the linebackers to go up and stop the play. It’s very risky though because if they run anything outside or a pass. It has a really good chance of being a touchdown. I went into the huddle and called the play. We lined up and my worst nightmare happened, a pass. There wide receiver ran a splint right down the middle of the field and went in for a touchdown. Then our offense couldn’t move for the rest of the game. St. Mary’s scored and we lost the game 7-14. I was devastated and didn’t want to talk to anyone for the rest of the day. When we walked off the field me and Jack were crying and trying to calm one another down. I took pictures with cousins and grandparents. I then went home and locked myself in my room until dinner and I came out and went back in after dinner. It was one of the worst days of my life. I wish I could do it over again but sadly that’s not how it works. The next day I went back into school disappointed in myself and sad.

    This year I’m not playing football because I didn’t want to feel like this ever again. I’m focusing on other sports. Even after all of that I still love football, but it was the best decision of all the concussion things coming out and it is the safest move for me. One day I dream about being a head coach like Nick Saban or something close to that. Ultimately football is fun just not for me and I will never go back. I learned to give it every single ounce you have because that might be the one your opponent doesn’t.

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