by Henry M., Age 14 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

Henry Mercer

February 7, 2019

8 green



      Hooverville was a town made of shacks during the Great Depression. These shakes were made by the homeless. Hooverville was named after President Hoover. They named it Hooverville because all of the homeless people blamed President Hoover for the cause of the Depression. In most large cities they built lodging for the homeless, but as the Great Depression became a bigger issue they started making shacks to live in. These shacks were also close to free soup kitchens. Hooverville has a big connection with the Great Depression. One of them being that since everyone was so poor that barely any people could afford houses so they had to build these little shacks to live in. During the Great Depression these shack and little “villes” played a big role on the people during the Great Depression. Around one to two million people were homeless during this time so tons of people lived in these shacks. So during this time the living conditions in big cities were not the best for the homeless people.

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