The Third Lemon From The Back

by Jacqueline T., Age 14 , Grade 8, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs.Reinhart

This is a story about a quite worthless lemon

A lemon that never got a chance to be great

The third lemon from the back

I walk past you as I get the toaster

I frown upon your worthless rotting rind as I grab an apple

I watch as your formerly yellow flesh goes brown and soft

But alas it is not your fault

You were forgotten

And now after weeks of your dying body lying in the back of the fruit bowl

You wait

Not for consumption

But for liberation

You wait for some merciful soul to free you from your misery

And throw you in the trash

It is torture for you dear lemon

But we will not give up so easily

We like keeping you around

Even though you are pitiful

You are also needed

The other fruits just didn’t look as ripe before you got here

The orange looked brown

The apple bruised

But you, my beloved lemon flavored prune

You are revolting


Absolutely repulsive

But that bruised apple looks a little more green with you around

That orange is vibrant next to your hideous rotting exterior

You are gross

And always will be

Despite your decaying flesh,

We love you

But it is your time my friend

So long

I thank you for your service

You brave piece of citrus  

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