A Lifetime of Memories in an Ice Cream Cone

by Ava p, Age 14 , USA

A Lifetime of Memories in an Ice Cream Cone

With the wind whipping through my curly hair,

I could taste the warm and sunny afternoon air.

As I sat back in the leather seat,

I could hear my pounding heart beat.

In my grandmother’s red convertible, I was living the dream

As we were driving to go get the best ice cream.

With a smile spreading from ear to ear

My grandma and I walked up to the cashier.

“I would like a black raspberry chip ice cream, please.”

And as I licked the smooth, chocolatey sensation, I could feel my tongue begin to freeze.

“Thank you, Grammie!” I said looking up at her with gratefulness in my eyes.

She replied, “Your welcome. For you deserve any prize.”

As 8 years have now elapsed

ever since my grandma has passed.

I still miss those hot summer days

And I still miss her heartwarming gaze.

I still remember those cool convertible rides

As my grandmother drove with me by her side.

For there will always be a special spot in my heart

Where my Grammie will always be a part.

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