Don't Forget The Door

by Margaret, Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

Don’t Forget the Door

By: Maggie Vanetti

      As Rosie walked along the streets of her old neighborhood in Madison Wisconsin, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  There were flying robots, everything was made out of metal, and the most noticeable difference was the gigantic statue of the Capitol in the center of the city.  The statue was tall, she guessed about 12 feet, it was of a man wearing a suit from the 2020’s she would say at least. He was holding an American flag and behind him was an army of people marching for freedom, but there was something off about the statue.  She looked up and saw his eyes, that was it his eyes she thought, they seemed to be moving as the people walked by, watching them. She had to keep looking at her watch, she was supposed to be back in 2 hours. Then as she kept looking around at the world she was so un familiar to she noticed her cloths.  Everyone around her was wearing clothes that were either tan, black, or white. It seemed no one was wearing anything of color. She ran looking for someone she knew, like her mom, dad, her grandparents, but all she found were people who had no idea who she was and she found herself was lost in a world she thought died 5 years ago.  She walked along the street peering in at the windows, but she also noticed tv’s were on every corner. On one television she saw the planet from space and it was so blue and green, it was almost like the greenhouse gasses and pollution crises never happened. On another television she saw a man living on a street being pulled away in a car, an ambulance. Wow this place was amazing, Rosie thought, however she couldn’t stop thinking about that day 5 years ago.  Because 5 years ago America died and there was no one left to stop it. Or so she thought.


5 years ago

         As Rosie awoke in my nice warm bed in Maddison, She felt happy.  Happiness wasn’t that odd, but on a day like this when congress is voting on what to do with the pollutions crises.  It is 6:15 and she woke up for language school today. Since the United States finally has control of the whole world, language school is a requirement for private school kids, like her. She has already learned English, French, German, Italian, and a little mandarin.  Language school is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she gets excited to go. She puts on her uniform, a grey skirt which stops a little below her knees, a white long sleeve Peter Pan color shirt, and finally a black and white style tie around her neck. She puts her hair in a ponytail and heads down the stairs to breakfast.  A woman was standing in our kitchen wearing a robe and listening to government approved music, Rosie’s mom.

“ I am heading to school, I will grab my lunch on the way out.” .  She grabs her lunch out of their stainless steel fridge and starts her walk to school.  Rosie’s dog, Harmony barks at her while walking out the doorway. She is a golden retriever, who loves to run and is very overprotective of Rosie.  Rosie bends down on her knees and tells Harmony to go back inside and that she will be home from school in a couple hours. Since, these are language days school goes to 1:30 instead of 2:00.  Rosie lives about half a block away from school, so, she can easily get there in under five minutes. As she walk into school, she sees the fifth graders, one of them got into trouble the teacher is talking him to the correctioners office.  Rosie has never been to the office before, but who ever goes there doesn’t come back for weeks, then when they do come back it is like they are whole new person. She has always wondered what goes on in there.

       Later in class, Rosie is busy doodling on her paper when She suddenly hears a big thump. She tenses up, but brushes it away easily. During lunch She talks with Andrew, her best friend.  He is her only real friend. They have a connection that in indescribable to anyone who tries. Thry talk about class and pets and the teachers. Then again Rosie hears a thump and tenses up even more than the first time,but then she hears the speakers.

    “Code Green, this is a Code Green, this is not a drill” the speakers say Rosie grabs Andrew, by instinct,  which is hard, because he is big, his broad shoulders were hard to grab, but She managed as best she could.  She runs out of the building and makes a run to her house.

    “Where are we going” Andrew asked

    “To my house” Rosie yells back


    “Because if this is really a Code Green then we need to be safe” Andrew doesn’t know the codes, so Rosie tells him.”Code Green means destruction, like world destruction.” She never did understand why they had a code for world destruction, but no one really thought any different.

    “What?!?!?” Said Andrew frantically.  Andrew has a bit of a worry problem. They finally reached Rosie’s house, she grabs Harmony and they run to the back.  Her mom is gone, Rosie doesn’t know where she is, but she prays this her mother is safe. Rosie runs with Andrew and Harmony into the woods that connect to the back of her house.  Then she sees them in the sky, bombs. Andrew is yelling at her in Russian, Rosie has no idea what he is saying, Harmony is staying next to her like she does always. The bombs are coming down so hard and fast Rosie could barely see.  She finally sees what she was looking for, the bunker. The bunker is a place where people lived during the greenhouse gas crises. They walk in and there in no one in there. While Anthony is still yelling in Russian, Rosie tells him to go find and fix up the computer system.  Rosie thinks about how Anthony took computer science as an elective this semester. Rosie is talking to herself. She starts to think about her mom, where is she what happened to her, where did she go. Is she alive or dead, Rosie starts to tear up, but she then realizes she has to have a clear head during this, so she wipes the tears off her face and starts to look around.  Harmony is stretched across the floor. She decides go outside and the bombs are coming down so hard that Rosie can barely see people in the distance running towards them. She suddenly hears a news broadcast on the tv on the wall.

    “Breaking news,bombs are raining down everywhere stay indo-sorry I am getting news, there is a nuke heading for the middle of the United States, it will destroy us.  So please stay with your loved ones, because it is hitting in.



Rosie tries  to wait as long as she can, but she decides she can’t wait much longer.



     “Close the door” She hears Andrew yell for across the bunker, she does it, leaving everyone behind in the world to die.

       1” the news woman finally says and as they hear a big pow on the roof and news shuts off, they realize they are safe, at least for now.


        Rosie couldn’t help but to think what happened to her school.  The school was gone she walked everywhere looking for it, as she walked along the streets of her old neighborhood she couldn’t believe her eyes.  The houses were once all different colors and sizes, now they are all the same with the same color, but occasionally she saw a house that was black and silver.  She wondered why, why was every other house on the block white and this one black and silver. She wanted to know more, so she went closer looking closer at the street to make sure no one was watching her.  As she came closer to the house she couldn’t see any windows, the windows must have been taken out when it was rebuilt. As she crept closer and quicker she could see a sign in the distance it said. Invisible electric fence, Beware.  Rosie then realized that she couldn’t cross into the house, but there was no sign on any other front yard. She decided she would look into the other houses. Then she looked at where her old house used to be and ran over to the front yard.  She looked no sign of any electric fence. She stepped forward and smack! She stepped on a stick. Rosie picked up the stick and threw it at the yard. If there was an electric fence the stick would dissipate. But it didn’t it just landed in the yard and lied there.  She took another step and another, being more afraid of the chance of a electric fence. But she said to herself

    “you are Rosie Ringwald you can do this, there is no electric fence now jump.” She jumped across the yard and landed right in front of the stick, there was no electric fence.  She jumped up and down in excitement and joy. She smiled and couldn’t believe that she was about to see her old house. But as she started to walk in, she didn’t care to notice girl watching her from the next house across the street.

5 years ago

     The bunker was grey on the inside.  Rosie noticed televisions every once in a while on the wall.  Andrew managed to get the lights on and electricity working. As she kept walking, each room she saw was filled with beds and closets.  She kept walking, she saw there was at least 5 rooms with beds. Harmony was following me along the dark hallways.

     “Andrew where are you” Rosie yells, she hears it echo threw the empty halls.

      “Down here on the right” he yells from afar. Rosie runs down, but she sees an unusual room.  It had wooden desks and a chalkboard on the back wall. It must be a classroom Rosie thought.  “Come on” Andrew yells again and Sne keeps running trying to find him. Rosie finally finds him standing in front of a computer screen.

     “What are you doing” she asks.  Harmony drops and lays down beside Andrew.

     “I am looking at a map of the world.” He says and suddenly she sees it, the world is gone filled with smoke and gas.

     “How did this happen” She asks frantically.

    “Well the bombs off of every satellite and space station fired, killing all life on the planet.” He says

     “Except for us” Rosie says, the realization finally setting in.  They look at each other worried. How long are stuck in here. I ask

      “Well as far as I can tell the bombs destroyed pretty much all of the oxygen, and the plants.” He says

      “Give me an estimate”

       “5” he says

       “5, 5 what, 5 hours, days”

        “5 years” he says finally.  She starts to panic.

       “How are we supposed to survive down here for five years.”  Rosie says frantically

      “Well we start by seeing if there is a farm, water, and enough air.” He says

     “Okay, so I will look around see if I can find anything, if there are beds there has to be food right? Andrew you see how much air we have left and I will leave you alone.” Rosie leaves the room.  She tried to act calm in front of him, but on the inside she is exploding, 5 years was a long time. Rosie just hoped there was food.


     Rosie thought it was strange no one was home.  The whole street was empty, even the houses were empty.  Her old house used to filled with colorful walls and paint, but now it was bland and boring.  The walls were all white, the furniture was white and the floor was white. It was as if she was walking in a doctor’s office where they were running tests.  She walked along the hallway, no pictures were hung or anything but a white background. She walked up the stairs and headed for her old room. She didn’t want to walk in, she was scared of what she would see.  She tried to imagine the way it used to look. Pink carpet, purple walls, and the bed sheets were rainbow. She walked in through the door and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was a lab. The tables were filled with chemicals and lab equipment.  But then she noticed the desk in the center of the room. She went over and started tugging on the drawers trying to open them, but they were locked. She thought to herself why lock drawers that are in your own house. Rosie turned around and saw the window behind the desk, it was a small window, but just enough to see the house across the street.  Then she looked down and saw a girl staring straight up at her from the front yard. Rosie started to panic and ran down stairs and through the front door. She had to catch this girl before she told someone about her. The girl was so calm she just stood in the middle of the street as if nothing was happening. Then Rosie looked around and saw police cars coming towards her.  She started to run towards the bunker. She ran and ran and ran, but the cars were catching up. She was so close to the bunker she could see it. She was so close, but it was no use she was out of breath, the police cars were right beh8nd her. Cops got out of the car, handcuffed her, and got her in the car. As she was in the police car heading some where, she looked down at her watch, 5 minutes. she knew Andrew would find her wherever she was going.

In the bunker Andrew was worried it had been 39 minutes past 1.  That meant Rosie was supposed to be back 39 minutes ago. He was pacing and he did that every time he got seriously worried.  He was contemplating what to do in his head. Should he leave and find her, stay and wait. He made up his mind he was going to find her.  But first she had to see where she was. Before she left Andrew put a tracking device in her watch. Rosie didn’t know, that was his plan.  He tried to get the signal out of her watch, but it was going in and out.

     “There got it!” He said to himself.  The computer screen in front of him showed a map and a little dot moving very fast.  She must be in a car, he thought. He waited another couple minutes until the car stopped. He played with Harmony and fed her.  But then he saw it stop at a building, he guessed, the map wasn’t that clear. It seemed to be very far out of town, because there seemed to be nothing, but rural area around them.  He got out of his chair, once he got the coordinates and started for the door. He opened it and walked a couple feet and stopped.

“Don’t forget to close the door Andrew” he said.  Harmony was there she looked upset he was leaving.  “Come on girl, let's go.” She jumped up and down with excitement.  They closed the door and started towards the area where Rosie was.

      Rosie didn’t know where she was, but she knew it was probably air conditioned and inside.  She knew this, because outside is hot and the place where she is, is cold. She had been blindfolded on her way here.  She couldn’t see anything but she could hear. She could a slight sound of voices, but they slowly came closer and closer.  And suddenly she heard a door open and the blindfold was removed. She was handcuffed, the room was a dark grey and it looked shiny, as if it was metal.  There was only 2 lights on the ceiling above and no windows. There was a man in front of her staring at her.

    “What is your name” he said in a stern voice, it sounded as if he had done this before.

      “R-Rosie Ringwald sir” she said, her voice was breaking, she was scared.

      “Really, where is your chip?” He asked

      “What is a chip” Rosie said confused

      “The chip on your head.” He said

       “I don’t know what you are talking about”

       “Stop lying and tell me where it is?”

         “I don’t have a chip.” She said getting more and more scared with every second passing by.

     “Who are you” he asked curiously

     “Rosie Ringwald.”

      “Where are you from.”

      “Madison Wisconsin”

       “How did you get those clothes and why were you breaking into a home.”

       “I am not from here, when the bombs came down 5 years ago, I went into a bunker and stayed there until today.” She said, he seemed to have a mischievous look on his face.  Then he got up and left the room, without saying a word. “Hello, hello, please I am telling the truth, please believe me.” He came back in, but this time he didn’t sit down he kept walking.  He walked over to Rosie’s chair, took off her handcuffs and led out into the outside. “What are you doing with me, I demand you tell me now”

     “We are taking you away to a physiological facility, and there you will feel much better.”

     “No, no I am telling the truth, you have to believe me, please.” But before Rosie could finish her sentence she saw Andrew, coming out of the blue running towards her.  Harmony was there too.

       “Run, get in the car and start the engine” Andrew said as he was running. Rosie punched the man in the face and got in the police car.  She saw the keys in the ignition and started up the car. Andrew and Harmony were close, but officers were coming now, out of the building running towards me.  Andrew was only a few feet away, he kept running and running, but so did the officers. They finally caught up and got in the car. I put my foot on the gas and headed out of there.  Harmony had laid down in the back of the car and Andrew was panting in the passenger seat. As Rosie drove away, she couldn’t help, but feel a strange feeling in the back of her head. It was like electricity, that was shocking telling her to start over.  

In the video room the men were watching over all patients who had been plugged into the system.  But then they looked over to the screen and it said “patient escaped, patient escaped, press to start over.”

       “aye Robbie what is happening?” one of the men said

      “Seems like a girl named “Rosie Ringwald escaped her obstacle life, Danny.” Robbie said.

      “Well have start over again.” Danny said.  Robbie worked at the computer, so he did as he asked and started Rosie Ringwald’s life over again.  

     “I wonder if she had a good life?” Robbie asked is sim pathetically.

     “I mean who knows what the computer program, decided for her.” And the 2 men kept talking, while Rosie Ringwald started her story all over again, forgetting about the last one she lived.

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