Frankster the Gangster

by Annabel G., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sara Reinhart

Frankster the Gangster

My dog aka Frankster 
Is the best gangster
Frankie is a maltipoo
He likes to eat a lot of food

He's fluffy and white 
He knows how to put up a fight
He loves to play in the grass
He even had to wear a cast

He doesn't like to get in the shower
But he has a lot of power
He loves bacon
And I don't want him to be taken

Frankie is a boy
He has a lot of toys
Frankie likes to drink water
He doesn't have a daughter

Jeanie is his fake aunt
After a run he always pants
He has a brother
And he can't eat butter

I love Frankie with all my heart 
He is really really smart
He is the best dog ever
He makes my life better
I'll love him forever

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