Fake smiles

by Heema A., Age 12 , Grade 6, Diyar, Fujairah UAE
Teacher: Rehana

It was a long night as Laila moved from one side of the bed to the other ,she couldn’t fall asleep as soon as she did she got nightmares of her classmates bullying her.The next morning was a blur she woke up got dress up and went to school and yet again she put together a perfect fake lunch she got bullied again but this time a girl stood up for her she pushed the bullies away and told them to back off ,then the girl helped Laila to get up from the floor when Laila asked her what her name was she just walked away. When Laila arrived home she was feeling a bit better like the new girl helped her ,soon she was feeling so good she decided to go outside and play when she told her mom to go outside her mom agreed cheerfully and gave her some money Incase she wanted something but this time she went outside instead of putting on a fake smile she gave her mom a wide and happy real smile.

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