by shehryar a., Age 12 , Grade 6, gems founders al mizhar, dubai, DUBAI USA
Teacher: unknown

Once there was a girl named alex she was 10 and played fortnite a lot but one day she was playing and she got in a lobby alone with a guy named 666 ,she was truly scared but when she saw his skin which wassnt releed she tought ''wow this has to be a youtuber'' but no no no it was not a youtuber it was ... 

who knew wh he was just a player but when she found him calling her every night at 3 am she got spooked she thought it was a wrong call or a cooincidence. nope it wasnt one day he got into a party in fortnite with her and said ''today 3 am something will happen'' she was awake till 3 but when the guy visited she was dead he thought she wa so scared that she died but no it was somebody else ... it was a child predator and they guy named 666 was a friend but then he go backstabbed and the child predator said go to sleep ...

1 year later they found ou tthat the child predator was 


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