The Beach

by Shaely E. , Grade 7, Chico Country Day School, Chico, CALIFORNIA USA

I am a carefree girl who loves the beach

I wonder if there are mermaids living in the ocean

I can sometimes hear their soft, singing voices

I can see their smooth, glittery tails

I want to someday surf out in the ocean with them

I am a carefree girl who loves the beach

I pretend to write my mermaid friend messages in the sand right before the next wave

I can almost feel her answers, coming in on the waves or hidden in the seaweed

I touch the seashells and imagine her speaking to me through them swirls of colors

I worry that if I went to the beach and wrote to her, I would never hear back

I cry when I see fish or shrimp on a silver platter at the wharf

I am a carefree girl who loves the beach

I understand the ways of the moon and the ocean

I say that Life's A Beach

I dream about becoming a mermaid

I try to care about all living creatures

I hope that I will always be able to hear the ocean through a seashell, no matter the greatest distance

I am a carefree girl who loves the beach

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