Hollywood Movies during the Great Depression

by Sandy B., Age 15 , Grade 9, Trinity, Louisville , 40207 USA
Teacher: Sam Fischer

Hollywood during The Great Depression

Sandy Butler

During the  Great Depression Hollywood was not such a happy place. Hollywood was a very sad place like most places in america during the Great depression. But Hollywood had one thing that most places did not, the movies! The movies not only brought in a nice flow of income but helped people through the tough times sociologically. Hollywood had 60-80 million people each week. Now during the great depression having 60-80 million people each week. The cost and schedule of the movies had to be redone. The Warner Theatre charged $0.25 for a adult ticket,and $0.15 for children. Except for the price of kids' except would drop to to $0.10 a little later on, this pricing scheme was to remain fairly constant throughout the entire Depression. But like most things during the great depression something bad happened. There was a financial crisis the weekly attendance of the movie theatres was reduced by one third. Because of this financial crisis tons of theaters had to shut down. 22,000 theatres which were still there in 1930, only 14,000 would stay standing until 1934.

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