dead lake

by mazdek, Age 12 , Grade 7, bloomfieldsahiwal, sahiwal, PAKISTAN PAKISTAN
Teacher: maje

once upon a time their lived a family near a lake and a forest . Many people used to say that there lived a women who takes every child into the lake with her and then she kill her . She had lost her two sons and afterdeath she still think that she wll find them.The family thinks its a joke and didde"nt care in that family there were three cute newborn babies one was a girl and other was a boy. The husband use to go at office at night and the mother was alone with her babies.When the husband went office the wife went near to her babies but suddenly she heard a noise from the kitchen when she went there she heard noise of her two babies and then she quickley went to the lakeand saw a raggy women walking with her babies with terrible face .The women ling on him and snatched her daughter but she took the son and killed him.When the husband arrive she saw drops in her wifes eyes and the family shifted there house from there.

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