The Worst Child

by Ayaan K., Age 11 , Grade 6, Edmonton, ALBERTA CANADA

As I start to wrestle my brother in a match that he started he kicks me down as hard as he can avoiding his fists I try to counter his attacks seemingly.He stops the fight with a groan "I'm Tired" I reply that you started this whole mess and now you're tired he gets up and keeps fighting me and then in an instant I notice a scrape of blood on his arm I quickly stop from doing any harm I drag him into the bathroom to wash of his blood and he seems okay untill I tell him that he is spreading blood at first he's okay and then he looks down a the blood it took him 5 seconds after for him to start cying and then with a mighty stomp he rushes up stairs to tell my parents.I go upstairs right behind him he tells my mom that I caused it and then I shook.The reason is how could have I caused it I'm only eleven I'm not that strong I had no blades nearby I even gave my mom scissors when I went down stairs my mom just looked at me and put all the blame on me like I'm some kind of serial killer She explains that I'm now forbiden from using any of my electronics my dad tells me to read or write online and this is what let me to this awsome website and I'm greatful for sharing my story.

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