One Spooky Walk Home

by Shelby S., Age 13 , Grade 8, Lawson Middle School, Lawson, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs.Jacobsen




One Spooky Walk Home

One late autumn night two girls, Shelby and Haley, were walking home from softball practice after a stressful day at the fields. The night’s air was cool and crisp, and the streetlights were just starting to kick on. The girls were laughing and chatting about all the funny things that happened at practice, and completely lost track of time and where they were walking. Suddenly, Shelby looked up and said, “Haley I think we must have missed our turn, because we are on some abandoned street I do not recognize.” Haley said, “No worries, I will just call my mom to come pick us up.” To the girls surprise both of their cell phones were dead. “I guess this will teach us not to watch those “YouTube videos” on our breaks,” Shelby said.

It was beginning to get a little too dark to keep walking without knowing where they were. Haley said, Look there is a house with their lights on lets go ask if we can use their phone to call my parents. This house was no ordinary looking house. It was extremely ran down, and the front porch light was flickering on-and-off. There were windows busted out, and junk scattered throughout the yard. Shelby said, “Haley I mean we have no choice right?” The girls slowly starting making their way up the sidewalk to the house when all of a sudden a softball rolled out the front door. Both girls stopped dead in their tracks, and said we should bolt.

All of a sudden, the girls heard, HELP, HELP, HELP from a little girl’s voice coming from inside the house. Haley said, “Shelby let’s just get out of here!” Shelby just could not bring it upon herself to leave someone that was crying for help behind. That could be one of our sisters in there, so we have no choice! Both girls then grabbed their softball bats from their bags, and headed toward the door with caution. “Time for some more batting practice, and let’s make sure we do not miss our target,” Shelby said.

As the girls made it through the front door they heard the cry for help get softer and softer, and as they looked around the house, it looked like no one had lived there for years. There was so much dust everywhere, and the house furnishings looked like they were from the nineteen sixties. Haley said, “I doubt they got a phone unless that ancient looking curled up phone looking thing works!” “Well we need to find this little girl, and get out of here before Michael Myers comes out from that closet door,” Shelby said.

BANG, BANG, BANG came from the kitchen area. “Holy Moly, What was that?” Shelby said. “Sounds like someone banging a frying pan in the kitchen,” said Haley. I cannot do this Shelby my stomach is starting to hurt, and I am about to pee my pants. All of a sudden, “PLEASE HELP ME, HE’S COMING!” You have to be kidding me, why us the girls thought. “Where are you at?” Shelby whispered. I am hiding in the closet by the kitchen cupboard. Shelby said “Haley this is it “fight or flight” we can do this!”

The girls slowly moved toward the kitchen very quietly watching their every move. As Shelby’s hand reached out for the cupboard door to open it, they saw a man come through the back porch area into the sunroom. Shelby opened the door, and to her surprise, there was a little girl hiding in the closet. She said, “Run before he gets us.” The girls rushed to the living room and hid behind the couch. They could see the man, and he looked like the character from “Chainsaw Massacre.” His face looked like chopped up meatloaf, and his hands looked like he worked a million hours on the farm. He began to scream, “Where are you hiding sweetheart?” At that very moment, a cat came out of nowhere and hissed at the girls. This caught the man’s attention, and he moved briskly into the living room. “Who is in my house?” He yelled. The girls did their best to keep quiet, and hold back their tears from fear. 

Suddenly, the cat dashed into the kitchen and the man angrily followed the cat muttering you dumb cat you had me thinking someone was in our house. Shelby said, “girls it’s now or never so let’s make a beam line for the front door and run the fastest mile you’ve ever ran in your life!” Just as the girls took off Haley accidently dropped her bat, and that drew the man instantly back to the living room. Shelby said, “Run girls,” and as the man dashed at her, she pulled her bat back and began to swing for the fences hitting the man multiple times in the legs and chest. This pushed the man to his knees and gave the girls time to run down the road for help. As they ran, they looked back and they could see the man coming out on the front porch. Run faster he is coming! They heard an old truck start up, and the girls kicked it in high gear and started running so fast as if they were walking on water.

 As they turned the corner, they looked back and the truck was gone, and to their surprise, the county sheriff was out on patrol. They yelled, “Help,” and the police officer heard them and came to their rescue. The police officer got them in his car, and headed them to the station where they could be safe. He called in for backup, and sent two additional patrol cars out to the location the girls described. When the police officers arrived at the house, it was on fire, and the man was nowhere to be found. A manhunt was then issued to find the deranged stranger that was on the loose in this small quiet town. The town’s men and women searched high and low, but there was no leads to where this crazy man was hiding. “Has anyone checked the softball fields?” Shelby said. When they arrived at the fields there was a message left in chalk on the field. “I’ll be back for you.” The two girls’ hearts dropped out of their chest, and suddenly playing softball did not seem so great anymore.

All of a sudden, they heard a loud bang in the concession stand area. The police officers ran over with their guns drawn for quick fire. Low and behold, the crazy man was hiding in the concession stand and the police officers were able to restrain and arrest him. As they cuffed the man and pushed him down into the cop car he looked back at the girls, and this stare is one that will haunt you for the rest of your life.  

After all the excitement settled down that night the police officers were able to pin point that this young girl that Shelby and Haley saved had been missing for about two weeks from a couple states over. They were able to reunite the girl with her family, and Haley and Shelby became heroes in her eyes. The little girl told her parents, “I want to play softball like those girls, so in case this happens again I’ll be able to swing the bat like they do and save myself.” When Haley and Shelby heard her say that they both looked at each other and said, “Guess our parents can’t complain anymore about buying three hundred dollar bats since it saved our lives.”

The following day there were news crews everywhere in the small town interviewing just about anyone that would be willing to retell the story. For the girls safety their parents elected for them to not interview, but rather let the police officers speak on their behalf. If you were to ask the girls what scared them the most they would tell you it was the look on the man’s face when he got in the police car. His chilling grin looking back at them still makes their hair on their neck stand up to this day. Sleeping at night is not easy, but they are grateful they saved that little girl’s life.

To this day, the girls have never walked home from practice again, and will never forget that spooky walk home from practice that night. Their love for the game still lives, and they will forever be grateful for their softball bats. This story just proves that even in a small town there are strangers that hide among us.

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