Final Destination

by Piper Z., Age 13 , Grade 8, Lawson Middle School, Lawson, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Jacobsen

Final Destination

“Hurry up, honey, you’re going to miss your flight!” Kayla’s mom shouted from the car.

Kayla slowly dragged her suitcase across the driveway over to the car. “Goodness, you are as slow as a sloth!” Her dad teased from behind the wheel.

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Kayla huffed, rolling her eyes.

Kayla heaved her suitcase into the trunk of the van and climbed into the back of the car.  “To the airport!” Her dad exclaimed.

Kayla was flying from Pennsylvania to Florida to visit her best friend who had moved there during the summer this school year. She was thrilled to see her best friend again but not so excited for the flight. This will be her first time on a plane and images of the many things that could go wrong flashed before her mind. Kayla fiddled her fingers on the armrest as she not so anxiously awaited their arrival at the airport. About half an hour later, they entered the parking garage. Kayla and her parents walked inside and checked Kayla in. Once she was checked in, it was time for her parents to leave.

Her mom wrapped Kayla up tightly in a bear hug and softly said in her ear, “I know you will have tons of fun but I will still miss you very much.”

“Yes, and don’t worry about the plane ride; you will be safe and sound. Don’t forget to bring me back a souvenir!” her dad said.

After saying their goodbyes, her parents walked out of the airport. Kayla sat down on a chair nearby her terminal and then rummaged through her carry-on bag in search of her phone. She checked the time; 11:55;  five minutes before she was to board her flight. She lined up by the terminal waiting for the attendants to let passengers on the plane. As Kayla showed the guard her ticket, she had a sudden feeling that she would never see this airport again.

As Kayla walked toward her seat, she was relieved to see that her seat was by the window. Being able to see the ground from the plane and not feel as trapped made Kayla feel slightly more at ease. She watched  the clouds roll over the sky, blanketing the sun. The sky grew gray as a steady drizzle began to fall and a thick fog clung to the runway.

“Welcome to flight 666. I will be your pilot this afternoon. The skies are a little dreary but our flight should be pretty calm according to the radar.” The pilot announced over the loudspeaker.

Just like that, they were off to the sky. Kayla watched as they grew higher and higher, as the buildings below appeared smaller and smaller, until they were up in the clouds. A few minutes passed and Kayla’s unease grew as the sky grew as dark as night, and the clouds rumbled ominously.

“ Do you want any pretzels or peanuts?” The loud enthusiastic voice of a flight attendant chirped causing Kayla to jump.

“Oh! Um sorry you startled me. Uh yes I’ll take some peanuts please.”

“Ok here ya go miss.”

“Thanks,” Kayla mumbled.

Kayla watched as she quickly rolled the cart down the plane to the next aisle. Her eyelids grew heavy as the slight rocking of the plane caused her to slowly drift off to sleep …

“Ding, ding, ding!” The soft beeping of the plane woke Kayla with a start as she looked around to see what was happening. “Sorry for the inconvenience but an unexpected storm is on our radar. There will be some turbulence these next few minutes. Please stay calm and everything will be ok.” The flight attendant assured through the speaker.

Kayla peered at the nervous and frightened faces of the passengers. She quickly looked over the safety instructions that were in the pouch in front of her seat. Kayla tightened her buckle as the turbulence quickly escalated and the uneasy murmuring of the passengers increased. She faced the window to see a tempest had erupted in the sky. After a few minutes, the plane was violently shaking and the storm looked unworldly. “Everyone the air masks will be dropping in a second. Please put them on immediately. We are going to attempt an emergency landing in a field below and I want you to stay in your seats.” The pilot said, trying to sound brave, but his voice cracked in fear.

The plane shook vigorously and threw people from there seats like ragdolls. “Clap!” There was a blinding white light from outside the window.

Whipping her head to the window, Kayla stared in horror at what was left of the right engine. Tears came to Kayla’s eyes as she heard the hysterical screams and saw the terror in the other passenger’s expressions. The lights of the plane quickly blinked off and the screams of the passengers grew louder. Kayla glanced out the window in despair as she realized this is the end for her as the plane was quickly falling down, down, down…

“Ahh!” Kayla yelled as shot open and she sat up straight in her seat.

“Wait wha?” she stuttered, looking out the window at the perfectly blue skies.

Was it all just a dream? Was there ever a storm?

Kayla soon realized that the plane was way higher than a plane should be and steadily rising higher. Kayla was about to go up to the front of the plane to ask what was going on but was interrupted by by the pilot the pilot through the speaker. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to flight 666. I’m sorry for your untimely demise but I will be taking you to your final destination.”


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