The Creature

by Anna T., Age 13 , Grade 8, Lawson Middle School, Lawson, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Jacobsen

The Creature

It was a bright sunny day with whispers in the windy afternoon. Something felt wrong in Elizabeth’s gut. Every day she took her afternoon walk after waking up because Lizzy worked night shifts at the children's hospital. Every afternoon there was laughter, children coming home from school, adults drinking coffee, and cars driving by. Today was different. Lizzy heard her heart racing. Not because of the slow jog, but because of the feeling she had about this awful afternoon. Finally, whether she wanted to see it or not, Lizzy sees movement down the street. She starts to make her jogging pace faster, faster, FASTER, until it turned into a run, then a sprint.

“Why am I running?” she asks herself. This feeling was worse than any feeling she’s ever had. As Lizzy comes to a slow stop she peers around the corner to her right. This is the movement she thought she had seen merely two minutes ago. This was just a normal man. Probably in his twenties walking his dog. This man in the shadows turns around to see Lizzy and starts sprinting. Elizabeth is now very confused so she runs after him. Lizzy hardly misses him as he runs into his apartment and locks the door.

“Hello?” Lizzy screams up to the towering window. As Elizabeth walks wearily to her apartment, she still sees no life and is really creeped.

The next day Lizzy wakes up, she sees her phone has two messages. One is from her boss, the other is from the calendar. Both of the messages make no sense. The one from her boss is asking why she wasn’t at work in all capital letters.

“I know I went to the hospital last night,” she says to her roommate in disbelief. But she then realizes her roommate is gone.

“Something is not right,” Lizzy thinks as she slowing looks to her calendar app and sees that it is the 30th of October.

“That can't be right!” Lizzy thinks as she slowly puts on her clothing for the day looking in all directions as if someone, or something was going to jump out from the corner.

“Yesterday was the 28th.” Lizzy whispers under her breath. Now she goes on her afternoon walk just like every day but it was the same as the day before. No living thing in sight. Until she sees a man with boxes outside of his door. Elizabeth runs to him and asks him where everyone is.

“Well, first of all my name is Tim and I’m new around here. I just moved in,” The man says.

“Well have you happened to see anyone but me around?” Lizzy asks hopefully.

“Just one man walking his dog. He told me to stay inside because there is a creature that comes out every other day.” Tim says with a scared tone of voice.

“This creature… what did it look like?” As Tim reaches in his back pocket looking for something, he sighs, looking from side to side for any single movement.

“This is the description the man gave me so I could spread the word,” Tim whispers while holding up the neatly folded paper and pointing it at Lizzy.

“The creature seems to be female, with pointy teeth and hair that has never been touched. Dark green eyes and long fingernails to kill. But the worst is her personality. She has no kindness in her heart and will hurt anyone who gets in the creatures way. The ultimate worst part is her breath.” Tim reads word for word. He then folds the paper just as neat as before, puts it back in his pocket, and stands in silence.

“Well, thank you for the information.” Lizzy softly speaks as she leans in for a hug that awkwardly turns into a hand shake. Tim then looks at Lizzy oddly as if she had bad breath.

“Well, I guess I’ll go home and hide from the creature.” Lizzy says sarcastically. As Lizzy walks away she puts her hand to her mouth and smells.

“I do have bad breath.” Lizzy knows but still questions. As Lizzy gets ready for work, she looks in the mirror. While staring at her own dark green eyes, afro like hair, acrylic nails, and thinking about how she had no recollection of the 29th, Elizabeth questions herself.

“Am I the creature?” Lizzy asks herself. After a long, hard conversation with herself, she decides to stay home.

“This all makes sense now! Why everyone was hiding from  me, but why the new guy wasn’t, why my roommate disappeared, why my breath stinks too!” Lizzy says to herself in awe. But she didn’t want to believe that her twenty-six year old self was capable of such bad things. Lizzy felt it in her gut that she had to of been the creature and Lizzy didn’t want to hurt anybody so she locked herself in a closet with food, water, and a bucket on this day of October 30th, 2044.

Years before that night, just ten miles away from Elizabeth’s apartment, two scientists and a movie producer had a discussion.

“I need a better actress for my new movie called ‘The Creature’,” says the producer, named Harry in a low tone.

“I think I might have an idea.” says scientist number one, named Boe, with a tone assuming he was the only one with this form of knowledge. Scientist number two, named Poe looks at Boe as if he was questioning what he had in mind and then speaks.

“This doesn’t happen to do with our project. Right?”

Well… maybe.” says Boe.

“Tell me! Please?’ Harry says angrily. The two scientist shared here upcoming experiment with the producer and Boe explains his plan to help the movie.

The upcoming experiment was about a baby growing up in one town with everyone around her being actors. But the girl would not know it. Boe had the idea to film her for the movie and when she got to the age of 26, they would make her think she was a monster. Then they would get true emotion for the movie.
This plan was decided October 30th, 2018, the night after the producer adopted a baby girl name Elizabeth.

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