by , Grade 5, Holy Trinity School Avon
Teacher: Sherry St. John

One day on December fifteenth, Samantha Rose was very excited. It was snowing and it was the 1st day of Christmas break. Samantha was a bright seven-year old with curly and long brown hair, beautiful, big, and curious turquoise eyes, a small button nose, perfect teeth, and a big heart. She loved her mom, dad, and her sister Abigail with all of her heart. On that day Samantha shoveled her front yard without being asked, helped her sister build a snowman, and then the two went caroling. After a few hours Samantha’s sister left Samantha to count the money and they made a great amount. As Samantha was leaving a gang of five older boys surrounded her. They stole the money that she earned and then the oldest, toughest, and meanest looking boy told Samantha something that broke her heart. He snarled, ”Don’t waste your time on stupid caroling because Santa is a big fat phony. What’s the point in cuttin’ down trees, baking disgusting fruitcake that no one eats, and anxiously waitin’ all night for your parents to waste money puttin’ darn gifts under the tree.” Samantha suddenly lost all of her Christmas spirit and she wept all of the way home.
Samantha was miserable for the past eight days. Normally she would be jumping up and down reminding everyone that tomorrow was Christmas Eve. Now she is sulking in her bedroom after she shredded her Wish List. She snapped her Christmas CDs in half, destroyed all of the Christmas decorations in her room, and then she went back to sulking because she did not care about Christmas anymore because she thought that Santa is a fake. After a few hours filled with sulking, Samantha slowly drifted off into a deep sleep. Finally, she had a vision that would change everything.
As she was sleeping, she had an extraordinary vision. She was floating up, up, and up to the clouds. Then she stopped floating and she saw a gorgeous angel. The angel was wearing a beautiful white gown against her soft creamy skin. She was a brunette with luscious, long, and curly hair, big blue eyes just like Samantha, full red lips, and she was making a face just as kind and caring as her mother. Samantha thought that the angel looked exactly like her, just a little older. The angel’s mighty and majestic white wings made her look even more regal and beautiful. Her halo, as bright as the sun showered her in a light that made her look ravishing and charming. The angel gently said, “I am your guardian angel and I noticed that you have been distraught for the past few days. What is wrong?” Samantha saw that she looked genuinely concerned so she replied, “Oh, why should I be happy? Santa is a fake so what is the point in Christmas!?” The angel noticed that Samantha was quietly crying and she realized that Samantha did not know what Christmas was about. The angel said, “In your own words, please tell me what Christmas is about.” Samantha replied, “Christmas is about the night when Santa flies around the world on his sleigh pulled by reindeer and he puts presents and goodies under the good kids’ trees and stockings and the bad kids get coal in their stockings so you have to be good all year.” The angel said, “Actually, Christmas is not about Santa. Let me show you.” So the angel and Samantha traveled back in time to really see what Christmas is about.
Samantha really did learn what Christmas was about when she went back in time with the angel. The angel and Samantha watched it all. They saw the angel Gabriel, who suspiciously looked a lot like Samantha’s guardian angel appear to Mary as she accepted what God wanted her to do. They saw Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem. They watched Mary give birth to Jesus and watched the animals bow down to him. Samantha was amazed that this was what Christmas was really about.
The angel took them back into normal time before she had to leave. Before Samantha’s guardian angel left, she said to Samantha, “This is what Christmas is truly about, the first noel. And by the way, just because the older kids told you that Santa is fake does not mean that he really is. They are probably just jealous that they were on the Naughty List. Farewell! Merry Christmas!” Then the angel left and Samantha woke up from her dream in a different type of Christmas spirit.
On Christmas Eve, Samantha was the happiest girl in town. When she went caroling, she only sang songs related to Jesus’s birth. When a child asked her why she wasn’t singing songs about Santa and Rudolph she explained to him what Christmas was really about. After Samantha was done eating Christmas dinner with her family she went to Church alone and she spent hours in there praying on her knees. On Christmas morning when Samantha was opening presents something silver caught her eye. She saw that it was a little present with a note. Samantha picked up the note and she read under her breath, “Samantha, I am so ever delighted that you finally are happy again, you know what Christmas is all about, and that you actually spread the news about what Christmas is about. Love, G.” When Samantha opened her gift, she saw that it was a delicate music box fenced in gold. When she wound the music box up it played “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” Inside of the music box was a intricately carved Nativity scene. As Samantha daintily touched the beautiful faces she noticed that the angel looked very familiar. Samantha never figured out that G was Gabriel, her guardian angel and that Gabriel was the carved angel in the music box. For years, Samantha spread the news that Christmas was not just about Santa so everyone would know. Samantha did such a good work that they started teaching about it in schools even though no one knew that it was Samantha who started telling people about it. Samantha never had a bad Christmas ever again because she never had a reason to be miserable because Christmas is the day that our King was born!

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