A Day Comes to a Close!

by Amith V., Age 11 , Grade 5, San Jose, CALIFORNIA USA

A teal-blue sky begins to darken

As clouds, tinged by the sun, creep above

And the lights of the sky begin to darken

As the day comes to a close.

A soft wind silently whispers across the land

While the cricket gives its nightly serenade to the earth

And the birds in the sycamore close their eyes

As the sun disappears below the horizon.

The leaves rustle in the breeze

As the stag lifts its head to look around

And the moon gazes down on the sleeping land

As the day turns to night.


A pair of eyelids begins to close.

A sleeping boy rolls over in bed,

Dreaming happy dreams throughout the night

Off in the land of Sleep.

The stars glisten throughout the night

While the land sleeps on and on

And slowly, slowly

The Earth turns on its celestial course


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