by Jayde, Age 17 , USA

Souvenirs From The  War

It was the 100 hour ground war

Unlike anything he’d seen before

Sitting with a dying friend but trying not to stare

The sand and dust whipping through the air

Piling up the victims of bombs

Promising he’d be home soon to his mom

Taking a break on the beach of Behdan

Doing everything he could to make a plan

It’s true he didn’t die in an enemy’s line of fire

He got to go home and hear his momma in the choir

But even though he left the war

It followed him home with a roar

The loud noises brought him back

His bloody nose reminded him of the man in Iraq

He soon learned it wasn’t something he could ignore

Eventually he carried the gun from his bedside drawer

The ceiling fan looked too much like helicopter blades

And even though he prayed and prayed

Those nightmares just wouldn’t leave

He felt he had no choice but to leave us to grieve

It took so long to accept he was gone

And even though it wasn’t their ground he died on

The war still took my father away from me  


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