The Earthworm and the Spider

by Emily, Age 13 , Grade 8

     Deep in the forest by the creek, there was an earthworm. He was travelling through the woods to see his family. He saw them in the distance, but there was a large spider web in his way. Everyone had always warned him to stay away from spiders. But, the earthworm went a little closer to the web to make sure the spider was not there. He did not see the spider, so the earthworm kept going.
     He was about to go through the web, but a voice behind him said,"Hello, I'm Sydney."
     It was the spider.
     The earthworm exclaimed, "Please don't eat me! I'm too young to die! I'll leave you alone forever if you let me go!"
     The spider replied, "I don't want to eat you, and I want to be friends."
     The earthworm said, "Everybody has told me that spiders eat you if you get too close."
     The spider answered, "I'm not like other spiders. I just didn't want you to mess up my web."
     The earthwom admitted, "I was very wrong about you."
     The earthworm then went past the spider web to see his family. He was also not afraid of spiders anymore.

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