by Lillian S., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, New Kent , VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges


When the lightning hit I had no idea what would happen next. The lightning hit the bow      of the ship causing little to no damage. I was right beside it when it struck and nothing really ever happened except for the tiny little jolt that went through the ship. I went to report the captain what had happened and to my surprise he wasn't there, in fact no one was. I was the only one on this ship, even worse was that the ship was sinking and I could do nothing about it. I knew nothing of ships and I barely even remembered how I got on this thing. I decided it best to go to my cabin and hope and pray that when I woke up it had all been a dream.

I wake up and to my distress it was quite real. I walked to the outlook and the ship was almost sunk! I was sure that by the end of the day I would be dead. Or drowned at least. From where I stood I could see shore not very clearly but it was there. I couldn't have swam if I tried and if I tried I would have died anyway. Since I was going to die I didn't bother eating at all it would have been a waste anyways. Besides I wanted to do some exploring in the meantime. I took off towards the captain´s cabin. I wanted to see where we were at the time. I ran up to the first map I saw and scanned for our location.

I spot the location and we are… or Im within swimming distance of Barbados, which is odd since we were heading to Switzerland. I figured I should check everything else out. I walk the deck indecisive about where to go next. All of a sudden I feel myself falling. Everything around me is pitch black. I fall hard and hit my head on the ¨rocks¨ I feel a sharp pain as I fade out of consciousness.

I wake up and find myself in a glass cage under water beside me a nice young african american couple telling their two children it would be alright. A seahorse floats by. I hear some men talking ¨You know my method. Apply them.¨ One ominous voice says. The next says ¨We´ll meet them at the carnival¨.  I put my hand to my waist, the spear I always carry is still there. I begin to stab the glass cage… nothing happens, surprised I begin  to pound on it and still nothing happens.

¨You can keep trying all you want, nothing will happen… you won't ever be able to leave.¨ The voice rang out loud and clear.

¨I recognized the voice but the memory was hazy… I wonder who it was from and why I recognized it. I fell back onto the floor of the cage and tried me best to remember.

After what felt like hours I had nothing to go by… nothing to remember this familiar seeming man by. He looked familiar and he definitely sounded familiar. I checked my watch or rather were my watch should have been and found nothing. I checked my back pocket for my phone and found nothing! Everything was missing and I remember having all of those resources before I fell. He must have taken it all away from me. He took everyone off the ship for no apparent reason. I don't know how he missed me. Maybe it was my luck or maybe he's just stupid. Whatever it was I don't care the reason my main focus was getting my things and my family and getting out of there as fast as I could.

Just before I fell asleep I remembered, I remembered exactly who he was. He was my uncle or at least my step-uncle. A few years ago when he wanted the family fortune he went insane and tried to kill my father, he almost succeeded leaving my dad paralyzed. This vacation was his first real vacation since it happened. We had been notified that he had escaped prison, but since we were going on vacation we figured we would be alright. I suppose we were wrong, I knew he wanted the fortune but why he  took all those people is beyond me.

I slept and then for what felt like days I sat there trying to escape but all in all waiting for my fait. Then one hopeless day I see the african american family beside me being led out, I hoped that they were being set free but I knew what was happening. The little boy is wrenched from the mother's arms. I couldn't bare the tortured screams and cries of the others, I didn't want to hear what happens to them because of my family.

Fed up with everything he was doing I screamed there was nothing better to do, I had tried to break out I'd tried everything I could have. Nothing worked, I screamed as loud as I could brought the guards he´d enlisted running. Must have thought I was getting murdered, they opened the door and I ran for freedom. They chased me and chased me, but when they tackled me I grabbed the remote to open the doors to the cages, I managed to get out from under them and ran faster than I thought I ever could (you'd be surprised but I wasnt so good at gym).

I made it to my parents cell and found it empty panicking I look around, nothing. I decide to take a break from all the running and walk around to see where they are. I walk for what feels like years and I finally see it.

I'm on the balcony above thousands of rocks. To the left of me my uncle is with my parents killing them. My mom is already dead, my dad is close to dead. I watch frozen in horror as my uncle finishes his job.

In my horror I fling myself  over the balcony and into my death.


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