a crack on the mirror

by Harley G., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, New Kent , VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

Rachel! Rachel! Said the mom as she ran in the door. Rachel was a beautiful girl with very thick and curly blonde hair, she has crystal blue eyes like the color of water in the bahamas,she has a couple freckles on her cheeks beside her eyes and on her nose, she is so skinny and has white/tanish skin that is so perfect she is prettier than a sunset on a beach. She is 13 and she plays softball and is a left handed pitcher. She has the best mom and her dad ran away on the night of her mom and dad’s date night that they had every sunday.  

Rachel lifted her head up from the kitchen counter like she had just woken up, her mom noticed her makara was on her cheeks like she was crying and she looked upset too. Her mom asked what was wrong but she did not want to talk about it her mom told her that she need to know what was wrong so she could help but she wanted to keep it to herself. Later that night her mom came in her room to cheek on her before she went to sleep and when her mom turned the corner she started to scream.

Rachel! Screamed her mother, “what is wrong?” “why are you acting like this?”  the girl looked up and started crying then she told her mom that she was having really bad dreams and she just wanted them the stop. Her mom told her everything would be okay and that they were just dreams and she needed to get some sleep, the little girl was scared to go bad to sleep she closed her eyes and slowly drifted away.

Everytime the girl went to sleep her dream would be in the same place and she would see the same person he had a white face and black around his eyes and he would always be bloody with a perfectly silver knife that was as sharp as a needle he would alway repeat the same word. Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! As he got closer, he got louder to the point she had to hold her ears. She woke up and started cry but quietly so her mom would not wake up.

She went to the bathroom to wipe her face off and calm down and looked at herself, i am brave and no devils are real they are just in my dream she blinked and looked in the mirror and saw the same guy that was in her dream. She tried to scream but nothing came out the more she tried to scream the more the mirror crack'd. She ran to the kitchen grabbed the knife ran to her room and locked the door.

She tried going to sleep so she could take the knife with her in the dream and kill the man but she could not go back to sleep, she then got ready for school in the morning and saw her mom in the bathroom putting on her makeup. She was looking in the mirror and she did not see the crack, the crack in the mirror was huge how could she not see it. The girl was the only one who saw the crack.

Later then after school she got home and saw that her mom’s car was in the driveway. She went inside the house and looked in her mom’s room she was dead and stabbed in the chest. She called the cops and the cops came to the house and put police tap all over the house. Her mom must not have seen the guy she thought maybe i am the only person who can see him.

30 minutes later she went inside of her house and saw the body of a guy the police asked who he was but i had no clue. After a month they told me it was her father’s body she explained to the police that she had never met her father and that her father ran away maybe he was the killer and the guy from my dream but 5 minutes later he saw the devil looking guy again.

He then started stabbing the police and then run up to her and stabbed the little girl now he is out there and killing more people but nobody sees him except Rachel.


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