The football dream

by Trevor E., Age 12 , Grade 7, Trevor Evelyn, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs.Hodges

When Luke switched schools he thought it was going to be the worst experience he ever had.  Luke had a disability he was deaf. It only got worse when his parents divorced. He had to get hearing aids to listen to other people talk.   He wasn't the best at it but he could also read people's lips. The best thing for him to do was listen to the hearing aids and also read people's lips because the hearing aids were staticky. Luke's father was a football player and he was great at the sport and Luke wanted to be just like him. Luke's dad said he didn't have to play football, but there was no stopping him.

On the first day of school Luke got pushed around by most people. You didn't make any friends and everybody was mean to him.  Luke figure it it would be that way so he didn't care. After school Luke was at football practice, and kid ran up to him and he was getting ready to hit him until he extended his hand to shake mine. His name was Ben, and he said that I looked new.   I shook his hand and told him that I was deaf and my name was Luke. Ben later learned that Luke’s parents were divorced, and how hard it was for him. After school when Luke and Ben weren't at practice, they were at each other's houses doing drills for football.

Luke learned that he was going to be a wide receiver and Ben was the quarterback. Luke was Ben's favorite receiver. In their tournament they went undefeated. Luke made some other friends along the way. They weren't nearly as good as Ben. Luke and then we're going to be friends for a while


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