The trip

by Carrington V., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, new kent , VIRGINA USA
Teacher: Mrs.Hodges

One day I was riding  to the water park with my friend and we were going to  king domions and there was this really cool ride it was a ride  where you go down a slide and there is a big chamber where it is kinda in a cone shape.And so me and my friend new that that it will be are first ride so we went to the locker room to change then after that we went and got a locker and when we did there was so many people trying to put there stuff in there lockers that it was like water going threw a pile of rocks.So we went threw and put are stuff in the locker and that locker was so small when we put it in there It was so compressed it could  legally be called a bomb.So then we left and went to the food stand to get some churros and some drinks and I got a churro and a large sprite so then we sat down and ate are food and I was so hungry I ate that in a few seconds.Then After we ate we went on the ride but it was only me and matthew were going on the ride and my mom and dad were going to another slide so we went to and then we saw THE LINE. the line was so long it looked like it goes on forever. So we went to the ride and when we were waiting there was this kid next to us that was so annoying he cep yelling that he was scared.So I was wandering then why do you want to ride this ride.So were standing there then i saw a person running then tripped it was really funny.Then we finally got a little closer and it was so hot But there was an umbrella a few people in front of me so there i waited to get there 5 mins then final me and my friend got to the umbrella and there we also got our rafts the raft was pretty heavy and was about 6 feet long then came the struggle going up the stairs.After climbing the stairs for about 10 mins we were almost there a few people in front of us we were so happy to get to ride but right before riding it there there was this woman and her daughter were going down the slide very fast and they were going so fast that they were going to tip over and they did and you could see the daughter hit her head very hard and she was about 5,9 and about 14 years old and when she slide down the slide the lifeguard jumped in to support her head and he called the medics they came in 3 mins and they stayed there for 10 mins then they picked her up and moved her.Then the lifeguard told everyone that the ride was closed and me and my friend were made because we were almost there but we did not but then we got a ice cream and we felt better and that was my story.

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