The Story of Fred,AJ, and Jayce

by Jayce B., Age 14 , Grade 8, New kent middle school, new kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Ms.Hodges

Fred, AJ, and Jayce were walking to Chick-Fil-A. They were having a hilarious roast session.

“Boy, you look like a stunt-double in Alien V Predator!” exclaimed by Fred.

“Why yo head built like a milk jug?” AJ responded.

‘’Bruh, you look so identical to the black girl from Jimmy Neutron,,’’ said Fred.

Jayce Starts laughing way too hard, “Hahaha!”

AJ stops him. “Boy, I know you not laughing with yo extinct fossil head a-,”

Jayce interrupted ‘’Chill bruh other people are looking at us funny,’’

“Aight we chill,”

said AJ.

Fred, AJ, and  Jayce walked to Chick-Fil-A and when we got there, there were some 13-year-old boys. There were three of them. AJ accidentally stepped on one of their shoes and the boy in the middle got really mad.

’’Oh my bad bro I didn't mean to do that,” AJ said.

‘’BRO I just copped these yesterday, what is your problem.’’

The boy in the middle said.

‘’My bad bro what's your name’’.

AJ said.

‘’My name is Andrew, this is Max and this is Ash’’.

‘’ But since you messed up my shoes you paying for our lunch’’, Andrew said

‘’Boy, no why would we do that, you got a whole 50 in your pocket’’. Jayce said.

“You stepped on my shoes now you gotta pay”. Andrew said. Andrew gave Fred an evil stare and a fight broke out. Everybody in the store decided to stay out of the fight and let them sort it out. Fred got a hook a Max and then Jayce slammed Andrew. AJ decided to get a jab on Ash. Obviously, Ash and they were losing but they almost came back but it wasn't enough. The last hit was by Fred and after that, it was over. Fred picked Andrew up, Ash and Max tried to pull him down but AJ Pulled them back and it was a two on one.AJ versus Max and Ash. While Fred was getting ready to slam Andrew AJ was getting beat but Jayce came out of nowhere and swept Max. Now it was an even fight. Fred finally slammed Andrew and after that, all of the crew dispersed. They knew they couldn't do anything after that so they ran out.  All three of them got kicked out of Chick-Fil-A after that but we decided to go to Mcdonalds.

“I'm tired,” Jayce said

“They really thought I was gonna pay for the lunch”.

“At least we won the fight” AJ exclaimed. They walked into the Mcdonalds.

“Yeah lemme get ahhh McPick 2,” AJ said

“Naw Forget this, bro,” Fred said

“Let’s go back to Chick-Fil-A”, Fred suggested.

“But we’re banned”, said AJ

“And I really want these fries”, Exclaimed Jayce

“Let's just go to a different one in the area,” Said Fred

“Aight” Added AJ. All three of them walked to the same Chick-Fil-A.

“Hey,” Said a Chick-Fil-A employee

“ You guys are banned,”

“ If you guys don’t leave, I’m calling the police,”

“ I just want some waffle fries bro,” AJ cried

“ Oh, it's cuz we black,” Said Fred

“ No it's not that it's because you are banned,” The CFA employee said.

“Aight we just go to another one in the area. Jayce said. All three went to the nearest Chick-Fil-A and it only took them like 10 minutes to get there.

“Yeah lemme get uhhhh, number 7 with no pickles, Coke, and medium Fry,” Said Jayce

“Ok yeah I would like a number 1 with a Pepsi and a medium fry,” Said AJ

“ I will have the same thing as the first one,” Said Fred

The cashier rolled his eyes,

“AJ you’re lucky you’re my friend,” said the cashier

“Thanks, Travis,” AJ said

The guys got their food and headed for the exit door. But as they were strolling across the tiles, AJ and Max spotted each other at the same. Max ran up on AJ and tried to sucker punch him. AJ had a late response. He wasn’t able to move fast enough to dodge the hit. As Max was charging, Jayce hooked Max. Pow! Right in the mouth. Max’s friends just stayed back. I guess he wanted a one on one.

“Naw bro, he came for me, this is my fight,”

Jayce and Fred slowly backed away in acceptance. AJ awkwardly positioned himself in a fighting stance, nervous to fight his rival one on one. Max looked just as nervous as AJ was. AJ didn’t feel like fighting so he came to a truse.

“Look, I’m not in the mood for this nonsense right now”, AJ implied

“I apologize for stepping on your shoes”, AJ sympathized

“But this is just nonsense is unnecessary over some shoes”, implied AJ

Max nodded his head in agreement. They shook hands in a truse and they went on with each other’s day. `


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