The Queen and King

by Kallie C., Age 14 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent , VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Hodges

                         The Queen and King

(fictional story)

A long time ago there was this prince his name was Edward, he married the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. The princesses’ name was Rosie.  She claimed she was the luckiest girl, because she married the guy of her dreams. Nobody knew how they found each other, but the story they tell has quit a different ending to it. Every fairy tale has a twist, right?  Let's just start the story!

It was around 1942 mid-May and the prince had been trying some new spells with his Godmother Phusela.  Lets just say things weren’t going as planned. I completely forgot to tell you a little bit more about Edward, to put it in nice words, he looked like a pig. He was about 600 pounds, 4’6, and had way too much hair on his arms. Now I know what y’all are thinking, princes are supposed to be handsome, ripped, and with dreamy eyes, but as I said every fairytale has a twist.

Nobody in the kingdom really talks about his weight, he gets very upset. Because he was 600 pounds there wasn’t a girl within eight hundred miles who wanted to marry him. Well actually I take that back, there was this one girl she claimed she loved him, but also loved her other husband at the same time.  So that didn’t really work out, Edward was crushed after that, ya know being played because he has so much money. So he decided to go on a diet to make him look young and sexy again. Nothing at all worked and trust me he tried everything that he could. There was only one option left and it was magic.

Godmother and Edward tried almost every spell except one. This spell was dangerous one mistake and he could die, I know what yall all are thinking, how can magic make you die? It is supposed to fix everything. The reason behind this was the power was so strong it could take over and shut everything down. The spell is called picture picture. Basic you pick any picture you want and that is who you will turn into. Edward had a lot to choose from so this took him a while. Before trying this on Edward they try it on bud, he was a ugly son of a gun, he was in the prison under the bridge. He did some very bad things over the years and finally got caught. So godmother and Edward began to try this new spell. It took 4 tries to get everything right.

After hours of work the finally corrected their mistakes and was soon about to use the magic on Edward. Before starting godmother went over the side effects of this spell. His personality could completely  change, he will be more attractive, and he could die if the spell becomes to strong. Edward agrees to all the terms and godmother begins. She says the spell twice, puts a blanket over Edward, and starts wiggling her wand over him. After everything is complete she lifts the blanket up from Edward. Godmother could not believe her eyes,  she was absolutely speechless, he mouth was open until a bug flew inside of it.

Edward turns to the mirror and screams about how hot he had become. Because he looked so good he decided to go out tonight for some drinks with his friends to finally meet the girl of his dreams. He went to the cloths guy and bought this sick new outfit for tonight. Nine o'clock approached quickly. He got in his horse carriage and was off to the bar in town. As he arrived in down everyone jaws were touching the ground. Girls screaming, guys wishing they could be him. Edward was loving all this attention. As he got to the bar people were gathered around the block to watch him enter the bar. When he got in there he sat down, asked for an old fashion, and started the search. Looking for the perfect girl for him was going to be hard, so many options he kept saying I just want one to sick out.

After getting completely wasted he decided to get up and start dancing. Well the funny thing with Edward was that he was a major lightweight so he regular and what he drunk tonight was completely off the charts.  He started dancing and soon ended up on the floor passed out. He kinda just slept there for a hour until the bar was closed up. As the manger was taking a last look through the bar she sees him. She pours some water on him and tells him his minor situation. All his friends left with a group of girls and just left him.

She thought it was very funny, they began talking after he threw up in a bucket for ten minutes. They exchanged names and talked for hours, talked about life, talked about the future, talked about everything anything. The sun started to rise and Edward had to get home before his parents started to worry. When he arrived home he found his parents asleep at the window. Guess that they were waiting until he got home last night, but that never happened. Edward woke his parents up and explained to him everything that happened with great detail.

After they talked Edward told them about evie, which was the girl from the bar. He told them he saw her in his future. That she was different from all the other girls, there was just something about her. His parents quickly explained that he shouldn’t let her go if he saw her in his future. So he ran back to get her.

When Edward arrived at the bar she was the first thing he saw. He ran over to her explained everything he told his parents. And just like that they are getting married. After they got married Evie moved into the kingdom and was crowned queen. After that they lived happily ever after forever.

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