Mystery on Hopewell Road

by Cassie W., Age 14 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Hodges

My name is Clarissa, and I'm a detective. A man named Liam was at his friend's house and shot his friend. He took him to the lake and dumped him in the lake. This was on Hopewell road. Bob was lying dead on a boat. His friend was a man that was stabbed and shot multiple times. The man who was shot his friend changed his name, dyed his hair and cut it, and moved and never talked to anyone again. My team and I had found a clue. We had found a gun and knife that his friend was stabbed with and we found his handprints on the gun. He had a girlfriend, named Sarah, he lives with her. We took her in to question her. We asked if she killed him and she said no. She was in Florida visiting her parents for a few days so she couldn't have done it. And Bob’s neighbor, Savannah was going to get her mail because she had forgotten to and saw Liam walked into his house. Savannah was called in for questioning and was asked if she talked to him or have seen anyone talk to him that night. Savannah also watched Bob walk out his house, in a black hoodie. They looked for a long, long time for Liam and they found him. Liam actually never left, also when we found him he had a black hoodie on. We questioned Liam when we took him to the station. We didn't believe him so we made him take the lie detector test. The test said Liam was guilty. Then Liam was arrested at that time.

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