Gas Station Murders

by Jacob W., Age 14 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent County, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs.Hodges

My name is detective Bob and I work for New Kent County and I am sitting in a coffee shop with faded white walls. Police sirens are in the distance right after somebody was murdered behind a gas station in a gang fight. The victim is a 35 year old black male tall skinny, and a black sweatshirt that smelled like marlboro lights and other substances. I found the victims phone about 20 yards from the crime scene where it all happened at. The phone had messages about him and his wife in a fight over fortnite. I put the phone in a bag and left from the crime scene and went to investigate the phone. I found almost nothing on the phone that was worth saving. I thought maybe if I checked social media I could find something that made this man want to do something like this.

The victim smelled like marijuana so I think he was high when he was killed. Being high I think that he didn't known what was going on and maybe was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only thing that I found in this man’s phone was a fight with his wife about fortnite the other night. I need to look into this more but I don't know how but there is no evidence to tell who committed this crime. I gave never had a crime like this before.

I searched all through the victim's phone as good as I could and I couldn't find anything anywhere no matter where I looked. I went back to the crime scene and looked around for camera’s and I found one camera behind the chinese restaurant. After, I went into the restaurant and asked to see the footage and they let me get a copy of it. I took the copy of the tape down to the station and watched it and I saw a fight with what looked like five people there.

After watching the four guys all with black ski masks on beat the murder victim with a baseball bat they stabbed him 8 times in the back. All of the guys with the ski masks ran as soon as they knew he was dead. They ran and I don't know where they went because I couldn't see anymore in the video. I asked around to see if they saw anything suspicious about what happened but nobody saw anything.

One year later, there was homeless man that came to the police station and said he knew about the murder behind the gas station last year. We took the man in the back for questioning and he told us he was sleeping on a bench about 100 yards away from where the murder happened. The homeless man said he woke up because of the sirens and all of the yelling and screaming from the men and saw them jump into a purple car with gold rims. The man then went on to tell us the license plate “the plate was uhhh MK4-... and he was gone.


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