Soma Island

by Morgan M., Age 12 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Hodges

I have luckily been able to take refuge in a small cave right outside the small, grass covered mountains. For now, this journal will be my only source of communication to the outside world. I'm pretty sure that I have enough food to last me tonight, but I am not so sure about tomorrow. If I do run out, I will have to go out and hunt on my own. How could I do that? All I have is a compass, this journal, and a musket that only has enough powder to shoot two or three more times! But for now, I am just going to sit here and write in this journal until my wrist hurts and my heart's content.

When I arrived on Soma Island, I didn't know what to do first! I thought to myself, “Wow! This will be great!” but boy was I wrong! I had no idea what was waiting for me in those bushes. One night went by without a hitch. I had caught myself some supper, and settled down in the boat I arrived in. I had found a pile of firewood in the small forest that inhabited the island and made a fire. It was perfect. I had my own island… or so I thought.

When I had woke up the next morning, I was happy and had a full belly. I decided that I would go exploring. I grabbed my satchel and had put in my compass, journal, and musket. At the time, my musket was filled up with powder. I was expecting to find all sorts of exotic animals, but only saw deer and a couple rabbits. My stomach was starting to rumble, so I wanted to eat. I had decided that I would shoot and kill a bunny for my lunch. I searched for hours to find a bunny in open territory, when finally I saw a small group of rabbits all sitting together, as if they were having a meeting. I took my first shot. The rabbits scattered. I had hit something, but it wasn't a rabbit.

It was a man. A big muscular man with horror in his eyes. My bullet had skimmed his left leg. It was like time had stopped. He stared at me. He seemed puzzled. He didn't appear to be too hurt. Yes his leg was bleeding, but the bullet hadn't pierced his skin.

“What’s your name?” I asked in a quiet voice. He didn't answer. He just continued to stare at me. Then all of the sudden I heard the most awful noise I had ever listened to in my life.

“Eeeeeeeeeiiiggggggghhhhhhh!” yelled the man. Then this awful journey began. About 30 other men, that looked like they could have been brothers came running towards me with spears and bows and arrows. I followed my first instinct. I ran

It felt like I had ran two miles with no rest when I finally felt safe. That is when I took refuge in this cave. I don't know what to do. My food supply is running low, and I have no water. I need to make a plan. I could run to my boat that had all of my supplies in it, including freshwater, and sail away from this dreaded island. Sadly, my boat is on the other side of this island. I could hunt for some food and attempt to find freshwater. Although, that would risk being caught. That was when I heard that dreaded noise again.

“Eeeeeeeeeiiiggggggghhhhhhh!” I heard. I had no idea who had said it, but it sounded close. I ran. Again. I ran so fast that I thought my feet might fall off. I decided on the spot that I would head to my boat as fast as my feet could take me. I ran and ran and eventually reached my boat. I grabbed my oar that had seemed to be cracked and paddled away. In the adrenaline rush that I had, I paddled away leaving all of my supplies on the island. I began to paddle back to the island, only to watch the Natives eat everything and fire my rifle multiple times. The big muscular one fired it, nearly missing the others. Then he shot the rest into the air. The water was taken and drank, and my food was as good as gone. Luckily I had stored some of my rations in the lower part of my boat. I had a couple pints of water and that was it. Nothing else. I had survived on the dangerous island of Soma, now I had to survive on the harsh, brutal, unforgiving seas.

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