The Choice

by Madison B., Age 14 , Grade 8, NKMS, New Kent , VIRGINIA USA

I started my day off by doing what I do every day to get ready for dance practice. Anyways, if you didn’t know, my name is Aaliyah Faith and I hate dancing. I have been doing it since I was two, and because of my twin sister Sara, I can’t quit without being judged. I mean how can you make a thirteen year old girl do dance for forty eight hours every week and eight hours everyday? Along with hanging out with my friends and the three hours of school I have to do everyday I never have free time. I am surprised I have time to do normal things like eat and sleep; things a girl needs to do in order to survive.

Now the reason I can’t quit dance is because of Sara, aka Mrs. Perfect.  She is the most popular and best dancer at our studio and also my twin sister. She also gets the lead role in all performances and is a part of the most dances.It's been this way since we were two. She is known for how many turns she can do. She can do fifteen; I can barely do three. I guess that’s why I have always been in her shadow. Between her standing in front during practice basically showing the teacher how to do it and me standing in the corner. Or how everyone knows her for her dancing, and I’m just known for being her twin. Most kids don’t even know I exist let alone that I am related to the Sara Morgan.

The only good part about dance is I get to see my best friend Annie. We have been in the same dance class since we both started. She always liked me for being me not for being Sara’s twin. We have one big thing in common--we both don’t like Sara. When we were five, Sara “accidentally” ripped Annie’s dress. They haven’t liked each other since.

 After practice one day I went to the car, and as usual, Sara was already in their and to my surprise, one of her friends was in my seat. So, I had to sit in the very back by myself where I couldn’t hear a thing anyone was saying. So I put my headphones in listening “Closer” on repeat to try and not explode from the inside out. When we finally got home, I went straight to my room without saying a word to anyone.

The next day when I woke up Sara and her friend were sitting at the table eating breakfast. “ I hope you don’t mind Isabella is gonna use one of your leo’s she left all of her dance clothes at home” Sara said. Why can’t she just use Sara’s I thought I replied with a faint that’s fine.  I sit down to eat breakfast with them the usual green smoothie and a yogurt bowl with fruit and granola. Our mom said we need to stay healthy and this is the best way.

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