Lake Gaston

by Caleb U., Age 13 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VA USA
Teacher: Ms. Hodges

“Make sure you are very careful on the water today!” Exclaimed Carol, my grandma, as I walked out the door. I wish I had listened to her. My grandpa and I brought all of our stuff to the boat and we soon started it up. It was a very hot day, so we had to put the cover up. We waited around fifteen  minutes for my grandma to get the dogs and come to the boat. When she got to the boat, we left. We got gas in the boat before we went to the meet up spot, that everyone calls “Six Pound” because someone caught a six pound bass there. It took about twenty minutes to get a spot to fill the gas up but we finally left and were going to Six Pound. It was a ten minute ride on our Pontoon boat to get there. Out Pontoon is dark red with a ninety power motor on the back of it so it doesn’t go very fast.  When we pulled up, all of our friends were already there waiting for us. There were eight boats in total tied up with each other. We slowly steered to one of the sides of the boats tied up. I immediately took off my flip flops and jumped onto the lake. It was very warm but refreshing. Almost right after I jumped in, Bob the plumber who everyone calls Plumb Bob came rolling in our area on his jekski. He tied up right next to my boat and he asked if my friend Anthony and I if we wanted to go for a little ride. I said yes but Anthony was too scared and declined. I put on my life jacket and we went for a ride. We were doing spins, turns, and full speed jumping off other boats’ wakes. It was a blast! On the way back, we started going full speed again and all of the sudden,  he jerked the handles and we went flying off the jetski. It landed on my and I hit my head on the bottom of it. I quickly got a headache. It took about five minutes to flip it back over, but when we did, we rode back to Six Pound. We finally got back and everyone immediately started asking why we were soaked. I told them we flipped and it freaked my grandparents out and it was very funny. They got very mad at Bob and they didn’t let me go back on the jetski anymore with him. It was a very fun experience and now I own a jet ski of my own. To this day, they still get very nervous when I ride it by myself, but they let me ride it and they now do not like PlumbBob because of what happened. They said he put my life in danger and they didn’t like that. We don’t see him anymore anyway and my grandparents are glad. I only flipped my jet ski once and they always get nervous because of that day out on Lake Gaston.  

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