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by Tyler N., Age 14 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VA USA
Teacher: Ms. Hodges

I was walking through the cavern. I was trying to get in contact with anyone, but my phone was frozen and was only on 15 percent. As I was walking I caught a glimpse of a person through the tiny specks of sunlight that shine through the rocks. I started to feel relieved and screamed in joy. I thought that this scary excursion would be over soon. I got closer to the person. I found out that it was a man with a grey beard and he was very tall. I asked him if he could help me get out of the cavern. He laughed and said he had the thing just for me. The man reached into his back pocket and pulled out some green liquid. He said drink this and you will be out of here. Being a stupid fool as I was, I drink the liquid. I fell to the ground immediately. As I woke up I could hear the roaring sound of the jet ski engine. I panicked and started to shake. But the only problem was that I could not move or talk. I was motionless. Fear went through my body. I could see the back of the man in front of me. I was not sure what he was doing or what his intent was. Out of nowhere the man stops the jet ski. We had reached some kind of beach house. It looked old and abandoned. The man picked me up and started carrying me up to the house. This was a different man. He looked a lot younger, he looked like he was in his mid twenties. My heart was racing. My body was in a lot of pain for some reason. I was going in and out of consciousness, as he walked me up to the house. The man opened the door. Inside was nothing but a couch. He dropped me on the couch and I dozed off. Beep beep. I woke up relieved that none of this had been real. They're were sweat stains on my bed. I was paranoid at first. But after a couple of minutes everything came back to normal. I made myself some cereal. My mom had already left for work. My dog started barking it was a weak bark as if he was scared. I went over to him but he would not let me touch him. This was different because Roco always loved to be petted. I figured he would be better after I got home from school. I had science first with Mr. Henderson. I feel asleep in that class. I woke up to him tapping me on the shoulder. I looked up and all I could see was his white beard. I screamed in a panic. For the rest of the day people looked at me like I was crazy. When I got home I saw a white van. I figured it was the people working on the Ac unit. But when I walked in I saw the man in the white beard sitting on my couch.


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