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by Jason r., Age 8 , Grade 2, Mrcs, erie, PA USA
Teacher: ashly

Moby Dick

By Jason

Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick in 1851.  He had written Mocha Dick first to get started on Moby Dick.  He was inspired by the true story of a whale that was attacking people near Mocha Island, Chile in 1839.   Ahab had to live in a hotel with Quequeeg.  He had a boat to go fishing on called the Pequod.  He sold the fish for money but he was still poor. At some point, the whale, Moby Dick, bites his leg off.  He had to hobble on a wooden peg leg. He got all of his friends and all of his crew to board the Pequod and hunt for Moby Dick with their harpoons.  They took off on his boat. Moby Dick came in and swooped the boat right over. Then he came around again and turned the Pequod back upright. He becomes obsessed with catching Moby Dick. Melville never tells the reader what happens to the whale, or the narrator Ishmael.  But, Ahab and his ship and crew come to a terrible end. Youtube has many interesting lectures available on this book. I recommend these to anyone who is interested in Moby Dick.

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