The weird guy

by cameron l., Age 8 , Grade 2, MRCS, Erie, PA USA
Teacher: miss Ashley

The Weird Guy

by Cameron

chapter one: The Problem

Once in cabin very, very

far away, deep in forest a man lived.

… And his toilet got frozen.  Why, you ask? Because it was winter.

He flushed it and it got clogged with ice and slush.

He went to call a plumber… but he didn’t  

have wifi. [Wa wa waaa]

So he drove to town.  It took him 600 miles, and 50 gas breaks until he finally got to town. But then he remembered... that he forgot HIS COFFEE!!

Uh oh! So he went  back to his cabin.         

Chapter two: My Coffee


By the time he got home, it was dark so he got his lantern and lit it and went inside his cabin and made his coffee in his coffee machine. Now he could go to the plumber’s station. So he went to the city and got the plumber to come to his house. By the time got back to his house, it was not clogged anymore.


So he had to make something

up that was a fake problem.


Chapter three :

I have to think

Then, he came up with

Something.  His sink got clogged with coffee grounds.  So they used a plunger.



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