Survive Five Nights Of Murdering Scenes

by Aaron M., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Hodges

Survive Five Nights Of Murdering Scenes

Night One:  Story: You were heading back to your house in your car when your car broke down. It’s 50 miles to get to your house, so you decide to stay a night at a hotel called Francis Hotel Inn founded by Francis De Thomas The III. The hotel itself is 400 hundred years old and is said that 5 years ago a group of 14 people were murdered there. Your name is John De Harald. Ah time to get some sleep here how much for one night 125$ okay. You meet 14 other people who names are Adam Sorrel, Jared Harris, Jonathan Thomas, Gerald Francis, Daniel Edgar, Marco Jacques, Henri Jeremy, Gilbert Michel, Gabriel Bernard, Delbert Moise, Nicholas Melvin, Donald Edmond, Andre Didier, Joseph Gaston. These people were searching the hotel about mysteries of the 14 murdered there. So you decide to search the hotel by yourself since there is no cameras you only have to watch out for employees or even the murder himself if he’s still living. Then you see Adam get killed by the killer so you run away with your flashlight when the power goes out and you turn it on and run from the hills to the front door to find it locked. So you try to find the key before it’s too late. It is 1948 during your time here.

Your goal is to turn the power on and to find the key to the outside world:

So your find Henri and Gabriel running to the front door until you tell them that we have to turn the power on and to find the key before it’s too late. So you and your friends go you the front desk to find dead people and you find a crowbar and use it for protection and to break open the door. So when you get inside you find a not saying here are the possible rooms to find the key to get down stairs, room 155, room 269, room 213, room 136, room 124, and room 205 the creepy abandoned room due to murder reasons. So I and told the others and met up with Gerald and Donald who said Marco and Jared were killed by saws that cut them in half. Wait there’s a back really yes what does it say? You must find the key or survive until 6:00 Am. So we were searching room 155 and there was a poison dart who killed Daniel. We searched the room and found Francis the word hey Marco where’s Jonathan, Gillent, Andie, Dellent, Nicholas, and Joseph don’t we have walkie talkies we lost contact because they stopped working. Whoever did this is a sick and evil person. We tried at first to break through the door but there was know way possible so were stuck here searching for this key. We tried to find Jonathan but we could not find him nor his dead body. So we figured he was hiding from the murder or his body is hidden. I wish this was just a dream but it’s not so this horror story that i’m in but this is real life and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s horrible for the death of these people and if I live I will find the person who did this and make him pay if it’s the last thing I do.

Bingo we found a key wait a minute it’s the key to the basement and that the four gas cans are in the basement hidden in each of these rooms room A16, room A5, room A25, and room A50 with a horror past due to ghosts. We will never spend a night again in a old place again also the back said be careful everything you see may not be what it seems. We wondered what that meant it must be a hint or clue or something. A16 was a wreck there was trash everywhere but we found a gas canister but it triggered a system that injured Marco and then we found the dead body of Andie. This sick game is evil why would someone do this!?! It was 2:00 Am, and we would do the things before dying because there is a better chance to escape then wait. We found Gillent and Dellent, but they were so shocked that they could barely talk. We are about to load up the fuel to find a wrench and a not that it? missing a metal rod and it? either in room A1, room A2, room A3, and room A8. But room A8 is locked wait there is a enveloped and inside it says in blood Here is the key. So we go back to searching for more fuel and find the next two gas canisters but a paper that says you have until 4:00 Am until toxic gas spreads only down in the basement. So we checked room A8 and found one gas canister but there's still one more left where could it be. After checking until 3:58 where could it be after searching Gabriel found the last at 3:59 we poured the gas in and the power went on and we were safe from toxic gas to. So we went upstairs to find the entire place was in ruin, and we checked the door but it was still locked.

But we found a clue which killed Henri. The clue said the possible rooms it can be in Employees Lounge, The Keys Room, The Kitchen, and The Pool/Changing Room. So we went off to search these rooms for the key we thought it would be safer to not split up. So we checked the Employees Lounge and found bones and a note that said, so we ran because a chainsaw cut Andie in half. Sadly we were down to a couple people left and then Donald came and said that the rest of his group were murdered by the killer then he died and that we ran for the hills.

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