Why The Loved Ones

by Tabitha W., Age 14 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, New Kent , VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

Why The Loved Ones


I know i? not the only one who feels the same way. When a loved one dies you sit there in fear and wonder who? next or how long someone has. When my dad died I wondered “who's next? How much longer do they have? Why does god take the ones that mean the most to you away like it? nothing.” Everyone in there life has lost the one that means the most, I´ll see girls and boys with there dad and say must me nice to be walking and doing things with their dad. It sucks how god took the one that meant the most to me, I could never trust or talk to anyone else because they would judge me but my dad man i could tell him so many things and he would tell me In the sunlight or the rain

Brightest nights or darkest days I'll always feel the same way Whatever road you may be on Know you're never too far gone My love is there wherever you may be Just remember that you'll always be my baby¨. I haft to live with the fear of when is my mom gonna die how much more time do I have with her I need her to stay I need my mom. A lot of people say it’s my fault that my dad died but I know deep down it’s not there's nothing I could of done it was his time to go it's hard to except it but I am slowly. I wish I wasn't in mississippi when he took his last breath I would of rathered him be in my arms where I could tell him how much I loved him as he closed his eyes. Sometimes I wonder in my head before he took his last breath did he say Please don't take me or did he just say take me? They say he died instantly but I wish he would of held on a little bit longer.


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