Girl In The Woods

by Sadie D., Age 12 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, VIRGINIA
Teacher: Mrs.Hodges

The Girl In The Woods

I open my eyes. I'm laying n a soft spongy textured floor. I roll over and sit up. Looking around I only notice one piece of furniture in the room. A mirror, sitting against the wall left to me. Its layered with dust and outlined in gold. I stand up, trying to keep my balance. The floors feel like a bounce house floor, same as the walls and the ceiling. I stumble over to the mirror and glare into it. I wear a navy blue uniform with a police badge on the left side of the suit. The badge says Linsey Crop. I assume I'm a police officer, just by what I can see. My dirty blond hair is in a sloppy ponytail to about my shoulders. My face is clear from acne, my eyeshadow done perfectly.

“Wow.” I say looking up and down at myself. Looking closer into the mirror I see something. I look around the room looking for it but… it's nowhere to be seen. I turn back to the mirror and look again. I see it. I lean in to press my fingers to the glass but instead… I go through the glass. I tumble down what feels like a grassy hill. When I stop rolling I stand up quickly and look around. I'm in a forest. As I turn every which way something catches my eye. The thing I saw inside the mirror. Its orange and wrapped around trees. I  step closer and see its police tape surrounding a dead body. The hair spread around the face. Arms and legs out wide.

A rustle comes from the bushes behind me. I swish around to see another girl about my age. Her hair to about where her neck ends. Her clothes covered in dirt. She looks at me with evil eyes, gives me a grin, turns, and dashes away into the bushes.

“Wait! Stop right there!” I yell but my legs don't move. Am I scared? I stop yelling and look around to find clues. After about 30 minutes of looking, I see something shiny in the leaves behind a bush. The girl's phone. I run over and snatch it up. I press the on button and the lock screen comes on. The photo there is of the girl and… wait. The other girl has the same clothes as the girl laying on the ground. It's of the girl who ran away and the girl lying face down into the dirt, dead. I can tell she's dead by the pool of blood she's laying in. Her outfit shows she was probably jogging, someone pushed her into the bushes and stabbed her to death. But how did no one hear the screams? I walk to where I can see the side of her face, a piece of tape sprawled across her mouth. Then everything comes back to me. In a young police officer because of my mom. I came here because someone hears a few screams but didn't want to check it out.

I hear a rustle in the path behind me. I swoop around looking for what made the noise and see it was the girl who ran away.

“Who are you?” I ask confused on why she came back.

“Who am I? Who are you?” she snaps back to me.

“My name is Linsey Crop, what's yours?” I ask backing off.

“I'm Alissa Rain. You must be wondering why I was here in the first place,” she says.

I nod “A little.” I say.

“Well, I was doing my daily jog when I saw the girl in the dirt. I went up to her and realized it was my best friend. I took out a photo of us I had in my wallet and put it on her back as a memorial thing and called 911. When you came out of nowhere I hid because I thought you would think I was the person who killed her. When you looked at me you had a smidge of mud rubbed under your lip and it looked like a mustache so I smiled, then ran.”

“Was anyone else with you while running?” I ask looking at her suspiciously.
“Yes, my brother and sister,” she says.

“Where are they?” I say.

“They are waiting by the car, I told them I wanted to wait with Kristy until the ambulances got here,” she said.

“Is that her name?”

“Yes, oh look there are my siblings,” she says waving to two kids trudging through the woods.

“Alissa, what are you doing, I told mom and she wants us to come home.” her sister said.

“Ellie, Jake, this is Linsey Crop. She trying to figure out who killed Kri-Kristey.” she stutters.

“Hi, I'm Ellie and this is Jake,” Ellie says shaking my hand.

“So how old are you exactly?” Jake asks looking down.

“Oh, I'm 16, my mom's the chief so she gave me an early job,” I say smiling.

“Cool im 17, Ellie’s 19 and Alissa is 14,” he says kicking his shoe into the dirt.

“So do you guys know if she would kill herself?” I asked.

“No she never would, she was always smiling and happy. She never mentioned anything that included suicide to me, or anyone else. Her life was amazing, she had great friends, great family,” Alissa said getting tears in her eyes. “I just don't know why anyone would do this to her, she was one of the nicest people I know,” she adds.

“Do you have any idea who would do this? Anyone she was particularly afraid of?” I say taking out my clipboard.

“She had a few enemies in school, but they would never go this far,” Alissa says.

“Anyone outside of school?” I say.

“Well, there was this one girl that lives next door to her. I think her name was Catherine. Catherine was homeschooled but she and Kristey never really got along, even though they never actually met each other. Kristy told me once she was sitting in her backyard and all of a sudden Catherine starts throwing flower pots over the fence at Kristey. A few came really close to Kristy but none hit her.” Alissa says.

“Okay, do you know where her house is?” I ask.

“We can give you a ride there if you want,” Ellie says.

“Sure,” I say happily.

“Can sit in the front with you Ellie?” Alissa asks.

“Sure, if that's fine with you, Linsey?” Ellie asks me.

“It's fine, I'm gonna call some people to come and investigate the body before we go. Where are we exactly?” I ask feeling stupid.
“Quinton Community Park, about a mile in from the main trail,” says Jake.
“Thanks,” I say. “Hey guys can you get some people down here at Quinto Community Park, I found the dead body off the main trail about a mile in,” I say into the walkie-talkie.

“Sure, we'll be right there.” someone says back. We head to the car, I hop in after Jake and close the door. He sits on the left, I sit on the right. Once I buckle and we start moving Jake grabs the clipboard from my hand. I let him take it. He pulls a clean sheet of paper from the back and starts doodling. He draws a person, starts with a calm outline of a face.

“Jake, major talent much,” I say as he finishes designing the face. He smiles and continues to draw.

“I know right. We have always told him he's a great drawer, told him he should enter some contest, but he always says no.” Ellie says.

“I cant, I would get so nervous,” Jake says. “And besides, it's not really that good,” he says giving me back the clipboard.

“Seriously, it’s better than anything I could do,” I say scribbling a stick person down and showing them


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