Sugarcoated: The Untold Truth of the Aditya Sisters

by Antony Z., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

Sugarcoated: The Untold Truth of the Aditya Sisters

By. Antony Zheng

Surinam, 1756

The Dutch sugar trade had been raging on as more slaves were forced to come to the Caribbean and Surinam. This story is in Surinam the country with a rich history but it has a darker side to it, The Dutch Sugar trade was not all good.  This particular story begins on a Dutch family's sugar plantation home. A pair of identical twins were born the Aditya sisters. Not much was known about Anne and Marie but they were always quiet. When a slave died of exhaustion they performed a ceremony but if that was interrupted they would come back a vengeful spirit. The Van den Berg Family were not kind to the slaves. Working countless hours to near death in the blazing heat. Many were killed and many ceremonies were interrupted. But the curious case of the death of the Aditya sisters was not one told. The abuse the family put on the slaves eventually killed Marie. She was given no burial. Anne did not mourn or have concern over her sister. Instead Anne was in a state of phantasmagoria she was almost a ghost but again is still there living. Staring.

Five weeks later Anne died of dysentery at age nine from the poor water from the corpses rotting in the water. She was given no burial. A few weeks passed and more slaves died of mysterious causes. The plantation was now a graveyard of rotting corpses unburied. The putrid scent of the decaying flesh stayed, it was polluting the air, causing the air to be unbreathable. The family was now experiencing a living nightmare. Everyday the slaves would chant for strength this strength became hatred and the innocent prayers became vengeful necromancy. This however did not affect the Van den Berg family.

One day, Carolyn the mother gave birth to their thirteenth child Annemie meaning bitter grace she was a peculiar girl with not much to say.  She’d often stay in her room drawing and talking to what seemed like no one. Her siblings would ask her. “Who are you talking to?” and her answer would be

“Anne Marie” she’d say every time someone asked. There were then drawings all over the wall. One of Anne Marie with a cryptic face and crossed out eyes,  and two heads she’d always wear a necklace of an upside down cross. The parents thought it was fine until they thought what if she was possessed and so they called in a priest. The priest sensed many restless souls, he properly buried them. He would chant to take the demons out of Annemie. She forgot about Anne Marie, But the bodies of the twins were never found or buried and they are still restless. Some say their bodies were disintegrated away. You can still hear faint voices singing “Witte Zwanen, Zwarte Zwanen” with inaudible laughs. Dancing in never-ending limbo. If one of them were to catch sight of you. You will become their “toy” and join them in inferno.


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