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The Lies We Tell Ourselves Book Review

by Lucy W., Age 13 , Grade 7, Lexington Montessori School, Boston , MA USA
Teacher: GM Hakim

The Lies We Tell Ourselves Book Review


The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a timeless book that sucks you into to what life was really like, in Virginia, 1959, when integration is just beginning.The book shows the suffering and small wins for each side through the perspectives of the characters, which makes it a bit rough to read, as most of the characters are incredibly racist.  

Sarah Dunbar, a 12th grader, is one of many black students attending an all white high school. Sarah was in honors at her old school is but is now in the remedial class and tortured daily, with offencive notes stuck in her locker and things being thrown at her head. Linda Hairston, a popular white girl, goes to school with Sarah. As the daughter of one of the most outspoken men against integration, she should feel that integration is wrong. Shouldn’t she?

In this book, the author, Robin Talley, doesn’t sugar coat how hard life was for the African Americans trying to make a difference for the next generation. The other thing that stood out to me is that the book switches between Sarah’s perspective and Linda’s perspective on the matter. Talley also shows different perspectives with news articles that Linda writes. You really see how her opinion changes throughout the book.

This book is definitely worth your time if you are one who enjoys book on the more serious side or historical fiction novels. As I said, this book is pretty rough and hard to read at times, so I would suggest it only for ages twelve and up.


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