Words are Cruel

by Ellie P., Age 13 , Grade 7, Nipher Middle School, St. Louis, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. White

Word are Cruel


Everyone is different 

No one is the same

We are entitled to our opinions

We are allowed to think outside of the box


Stop, stop judging others 

For doing what they want to do 

Wearing what they want to wear

Thinking how they want to think

Daring how they want to dare


Instead of judging others

Judge yourself

For not treating others right

For not letting someone live their -


The way they want to 


It doesn’t matter 

What you think 

Your opinion is like a balloon without air

Your words are meaningless 

Yet you sit there

Judging justifying and jabbing at others

Just because you are jealous

That they have something 

That You have always wanted 




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