Sleep Tight Mrs.Ralph

by Brianna B., Age 13 , Grade 7, New Kent Middle school, New Kent, VA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

I stepped into the dark and I flicked on the light switch, nothing happened. I walked in and quietly shut the door behind me. "Crap!" I said. I think I saw Mrs.Raplh. I swallowed hard. “Good morning,” I said, trying not to sound to hesitant and nervous. In the orphanage, if you were caught out of place you were whipped, or given a major amount of chores. “Clara, you should be in bed! Mrs.Ralph is going to catch you!”I thankful it wasn’t Mrs.Ralph. I  tried to adjust my eyes in the darkness. Then I soon realized it was Anglia. “What are you doing Angela you're going to get caught too!” I whispered as loud as my voice would let me. “I heard a noise, turned and saw your bed empty, so what did you expect,” “Anglia just go back to bed!” She said hesitantly. I could tell she was too nervous to take another step. “Anglia, just go I’m fine!” “Okay if you get caught I warned you!” She quickly turned and flew back to her bed. “Where is it!” I thought hard as I quickly dug into the box. “Ms.Eller,” Mrs.Ralphs deep voice beamed across the room making me jump out of my skin.  All the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “Yes, Yes ma’am?” I stuttered, “Follow me,” I entered a specific room in her office. I had been here many times. After apologizing profusely I felt a hard hit behind my ear. Immediately everything turned black. I woke up in my bed, it felt like someone was drilling my head in. I quickly put my hand over the most painful place. I soon realized my fingers were covered in slimy thick red stuff; I was bleeding. I let out a faint “Oh no”. I felt the blood drip down my shoulder.  Mrs.Lucy walked in. I could feel my heart pound out of my chest. Mrs.Lucy was the nurse here in the orphanage. She quickly walked over and examined the gash above my ear. She began to apply this stuff that “cleaned” the wound. All it did was burn and irritate it even more. Then the room started to fade and everything turned black. I woke up in a hospital this time. Mrs.Ralph was talking the doctors and telling them how I tripped over my shoelace and fell down the stairs. "She landed right on her noggin". I couldn’t help myself so I turned over “The only reason I’m bleeding is because you hit me!” I said. I could feel my face get hot. She turned and looked at me. She had a surprised look on her face. As if I wouldn’t say that. "What did that child just say?" Dr.Mississippi said. "That child is mad!" Mrs.Ralph said as she began to cry. "No ma'am I don't think she's lying," Dr.Mississippi called the cops. Mrs.Ralph was arrested on the spot. 

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