Milton Hershey

by Kiley B., Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Milton Hershey
By Kiley Brawn
       Do you like chocolate? Milton Hershey introduced the milk chocolate bar to Americans. I will tell you about the inventor Milton Hershey who is known for making the Hershey bar. He wanted to make a chocolate bar that was not expensive. He was going to sell caramel but he sold chocolate instead. Keep reading to learn more about Milton Hershey. 
Milton Hershey was born on September 13, 1851. He died in 1945. From 1857 to 1945, Hershey was an American manufacturer and created one of the world’s largest candy companies. He introduced milk chocolate to the United States for the first time with his milk chocolate recipe and called it the Hershey Bar. Milton Hershey first realized his love of candy from working in an ice cream parlor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 
Milton wanted to create a chocolate bar that was inexpensive and available to everyone. Making chocolate takes a lot of steps and Milton wanted to find the perfect recipe. Chocolate is made from milk, sugar, and cocoa. The first step is gathering and roasting the cocoa beans. The shells are removed and then the milk and sugar is added. It goes through a process called conching and refining. Lastly, it is poured into molds. In 1900, he introduced the milk chocolate Hershey bar to the world. 
Also, in1886 Milton Hershey began learning about sweets from Joseph R. Royer, which began his love of candy. In 1903, Hershey built a chocolate factory near his hometown and created a new town around the factory. He sold his original caramel factory for $1 million dollars..
In conclusion, Milton Hershey was known for introducing the Hershey bar to the United States. He did this so people who were not wealthy could buy chocolate. Hershey also sold his caramel factory for $1 million. I hope you enjoyed learning about Milton Hershey’s invention of  the Hershey Bar.  
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