The Turtle Jetpack

by Abe S, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

The Turtle Jetpack
     In Floopland, Pedro the Platypus was flying a kite when Tristan the Turtle walked over.
 “Hello Pedro!” He said,
 “I was wondering, can you make me something to… ya know, make me go way faster?” 
Pedro turned around and replied, “Oh, yeah, sure!” 
Pedro was gripping onto his kite as tight as possible and eventually, it flew away. Later that day, Pedro was thinking, 
“ It could be a car! Nah…” 
Tristan came over and gave Pedro some lemonade in an Easter cup, Easter was only two days away and Tristan needed to get to Cloopland where his dad, Thomas, was waiting for Tristan. 
     “I’ve got it!” 
Pedro said as he knocked down all the Jello-ey stuff on Tristan’s bed.
 “What is it? Oh, don’t worry about that stuff, Floopland is all Jello, people mine it up!”  
Pedro nodded and told Tristan about his idea, 
“So, it’s a really awesome jetpack!” Then, Pedro’s 21 year old brother came in. 
“Yes! Perfect timing!” Pedro could see the horrified look on Tristan’s face.
 “Oh, this is Patrick, he’s a major in engineering, he’s also looking forward to meet Dr. Rebus Montgomery, a worldwide famous engineer, so he can help!” Tristan’s face formed into a smile.
 “ Okie dokie, let’s get to it!!” 
       “All done!” Pedro yelled as he wiped off some dust on his forehead, they were in Patrick’s hideout,
 “Awesome!” Patrick and Tristan has just popped out of a dusty mine, 
“ How much Jello-fire did you get?” Pedro asked.
 “44.3 million tons!!” They said. And then Tristan plopped on the jetpack. 
“Oof!” “hmm, we need to make the jetpack little less clunky!” Tristan announced as he took of the jetpack and handed it to Patrick.
 “Oh, yeah I guess we did a few things wrong.” He said laying it down and nodding to Pedro. 
“Tristan, watch this!” Pedro clicked a button on a remote and the old jetpack went flying down a shaft. 
“Woah!” Tristan said. “There’s more!” Patrick announced as a puff of smoke barreled towards them. Right before it hit them, it stopped and a face formed.
       Dr. Rebus Montgomery. Patrick shivered,
 “Oh, a recording, nice!” Tristan said. Pedro’s eyes widened and told Tristan what was happening,
 “Yeah… this isn’t a recording, it’s live.” 
“Hello, Patrick, I’ve been waiting to meet you!” Dr. Rebus said.
 “Uhhh.” Patrick wondered what was happening.
 “Oh don’t worry! This is a recording!” The voice said, Tristan glared at Pedro.
 “Oh whatever, I’m allowed to brianstorm!” Pedro yelled as he wiped his sweaty forehead,
 “Patrick, you need some air conditioning in here!”
 “Sure!” Let’s get to the new jetpack!” By now the smoke wisped away and the face of Dr. Rebus was dust.
  “Gee, that was easy!” Patrick said as he plopped the musty jetpack onto Tristan. 
“Yeah!” Pedro said as he put down his comic book and swiveled his chair to face Tristan and Patrick. Patrick finished putting on the suit and said,
 “ Yeah, right, you did nothing but read a comic!” Tristan zoomed of into space, then before Tristan could wisp the top of the roof, Patrick jumped of the roof and just before he fell face first, Tristan and his jetpack zoomed by and flew to Cloopland. 
“Ugh…” Pedro said as he sipped some lemonade in Patrick’s shack, then, Tristan zoomed into the lair and Patrick walked out from behind him, Patrick ran up to Patrick and hugged him. Then there was a banging on the door, Pedro’s eyes widened, 
“Yeah, about that.. everyone knows about the jetpack.” Pedro said crossing his fingers.
 “Yes!” The trio shouted as money flew in from the ceiling. A ton of people barreled towards the jetpack and Pedro whispered to his brother and friend,
 “We’re gonna need to make a lot more of these!”

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